Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sneak Preview!

Once again here is my Fido getting in the middle of things!

I didn't mean for them to match but it ended up being a very cute set!

"Denim Flower"

Very simple..very chic, I love the simplicity of it!

"Winter Blues"

I hope it doesn't sound too depressing but the gray and blue Labordorite Stones remind me of Winter Sky.

I really love this Wood Rectangle framed in Silver...and darn my supplier has been "out of stock" for a while now. I used the same style in these lovlies~

"Urban Boxwood"

"Rusty Labordorite"

"Brown lab"

"It Girl"

Here is a sneak preview of what is soon to be listed!


"Green Turquoise Flower"

I had the heardest time getting a good pic of this necklace...the green turquoise beads are so rich in person. Well hopefully someone will have faith in my description!

"Turquoise Suspended"

Same pretty beads, although this is a not so bad pic.

"Big Hoops Big Dreams"

I must admit, I have had this pendant for a long time. I kind of misjudged the size. But I do love how it turned out! Again the colors just compliment eachother so well!


One of my favorite pendants..won't hurt my feelings if it doesn't sell!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Another day making jewelry

As you may have noticed I added a Picture of myself to my blog and avatar on Esty. Some people I email with would like to see who I there I am!
It was taken by a customer at my salon as I am blow drying...gee it looks fun huh?! I said I have been busy lately so here are a few of my latest...If it wasn't so dreary in Ohio I'd have better pictures ...and if it wasn't dark right now I could photograph and list what I made today!
Oh well, the sun will come up tomorrow..(and hide behind the Ohio clouds..:)

"Organic Flower"
I really like this necklace..the new jade is light enough to go with a lot of clothes.

"Rock the Casbah"

I have made several of these and this has a few different gems in it..but its showy none the less!

"Lady in Waiting"

I think this lady has a story to tell, I love the way she looks so vulnerable.

"Vintage Sparkle Bar"

This is a good example of a dreary day taking pictures..its really much prettier in person!

I bought a bunch of vintage do- dads awhile back from one of my hair clients...this is one of them, it was a pin. I love old stuff!

"Be True"
This is by far the most requested pendant that I have sold in my salon...of course now that I have more on will sit...well lets hope not.


I don't know if anyone would remember (I know one person will;)

But I made this necklace once and a client at my salon wanted the necklace without the pendant for a I finally got around to making another one...I think its so fresh!

"Destin Butterfly"

I asked my husband what he thought I should name this bracelet..and let me tell you he loves when I do that (he sighs..and says I have no idea)

But he immediately said Destin Butterfly...its not secret we love Destin Florida...and its true when I look at this bracelet it looks like the aqua waters of Destin!

"Gypsy Girl"

These should be called Gypsy Girl 2 ...I lost one of the original I had to improvise, these are Gypsies younger sister!

"Look into my Crystal Ball"

Now this is a picture I'm proud of..maybe I'm the only one..but I love the way it turned out!

It looks magical!

The pendant is stunning...more green in person! Actually if I would have asked my husband he would have said...Destin Water!

Manly Onesie

I just had to show off this great find... I am getting frustrated as I'm sure mothers of all little boys are...all the cute stuff is for girls! AND there a lot MORE of in another life in addition to opening a Maternity Shop with super cute clothes I'm going to open an ALL BOY store with super cute clothes!
I am not a fan of baby blue and its seems if its for a boy they make it baby blue! Now if you put it with brown or black or even were talking!

This is from she has done some screen printing for me before when I had some shirts done for my husband with his business on it.
But isn't this the cutest?!
Little Carter will be wearing it this summer!

In the Zone!

I have been designing, creating, photographing, editing, describing, listing,ordering, shipping, emailing...whew! What a vacation...but I'm doing exactly what is making me happy!
I have so many new things and so many ideas layed out on my bead table, I wish I could just work and work until its all done! But the creative mind is never done is it?! Here are just a few of my latest...
"Indian Snowflakes"
This is one of my all time favorites... I made myself one and I wore it Christmas Eve along with the "Bohemian Rhapsody" necklace and the "Swirled Bohemian Hoop" looked great paired with a long brown sweater dress!
I'll try to post a picture sometime.

"Lasso a Star"

Came up with this idea playing around with a leftover piece of Sterling Silver Wire...and it turned into something unique!

"Silver Wings"

I love the "no color" look..goes with every color!

"Bermuda Blue"

Didn't last long...I sold one earlier this month in my salon, and it didn't even make it off my desk and into the display cabinet!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

100th Sale!

Merry Christmas!
Yea!!!! For Jenny Dickson!
She made my 100th sale on Esty today..and Christimas Day to top it off!
She gets a little prize ..not sure what yet, but I know her style by now!
Here is my little baby Fido! He gets tired of trying to get mommies he just jumped right up in front of my Etsy screen. But the poor cat didn't know he would have to advertise for me!
How Cute!

A sneek preview of my newest earrings...I am in love with them! I'm hoping to capture in a picture how they look in the light with the little Swarovski Crystal...spinning around!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Where all the little pretties live!

I thought I'd show a picture of the waiting area in my salon this Christmas for anyone who reads this blog that is not local or not been there...And it's where all my jewelry lives!

"Pixie pearls"

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Popular Bracelet

Wow..."A Winters Dream" bracelet was featured in Pink Almond Blog today!
She has a really pretty blog and some really cool things...including my Bracelet!
Check it out~

And it was featured in an Etsy Treasury ~

These rings didn't last long the first I made encores!

"Pearls and a Posey"

"Winter Snow Flowers"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Super Woman

"A Winters Dream"

"Copper Garland"

"Girl Power"

Ok, I changed my mind on the "Super Woman" necklace name. But when I looked at the picture of it, it just didn't its "Girl Power"
I have had this pendant for a long time and I know I liked it but wasn't sure how to use it. I think it turned out nice, I hope someone else will see the beauty and symbolism in it.

It kind of ties in with what I was thinking about as I was driving around yesterday...They say that at this stage of pregnancy the baby can hear sounds. If that is true this little boy is going to come out singing Alicia Keys!! I play her new CD non-stop in my car, every song is amazing...
Hopefully he will sound like her and not his tone deaf momma!

I love this song by her called "SuperWoman" and it came to mind when I made this necklace and was writing the description...We as women have so much pressure on us to do EVERYTHING and we actually think we can do it all... but it truly is amazing what we as women do get done in this modern day.

Maybe we are Super Women!!

Take a listen...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Busy Little Elf

The first ring I made I did it on a whim...and they have turned out to be quite the thing!
I have had a lot of people buy them as gifts, and since they are adjustable if you get close to their will be fine!
And I have had so fun naming them...depending on the type of stone, color and flower...I can get pretty creative!
"Green Garnet Garden,Winter Snow Flowers,Pearls and a Poppy,Winter Storm,Green Tea, and Stormy Skies" to name a few.
Oh...I have 2 new Necklaces and a Bracelet for tomorrow!
"Super Woman"~"Copper Garland"~"Winter's Dream"
I bet you are wondering what super woman is?! Are you picturing some tacky Linda Carter from the 70's jewerly?! WEll it's not what you think...but you will have to wait and see!
I have so many ideas in my head...if only I had little elves making them at night and while I'm at work!
"Pearls and a Posey"

"Sparkling Swarovski Snowflake"

Let it Snow..Let it Snow...Let it Snow!

" Lotus Blossoms"
...gone but I will be making more, also a matching necklace!

"Pearls and a Poppy"

"Roayl Majesty"

"Vintage Stars"


The weather outside is frightful..but the jewerly biz is so delightful!

What a busy weekend on Etsy..I love it!

Thanks to the Rare Bird Finds Blog..."Urban Oasis" is gone...and I think I had a record for sales today ! Gotta love Christmas shoppers!

Handmade jewelry does make a great gift..I would love to get it. And I have had 3 guys buy things this weekend...I think that is amazing that they found their way to and around Etsy!

My secret personal goal when I started selling in August on Etsy was 100 sales by the end of the year...and I so pleased to be close at 93!
Thank You!

Who knows, maybe it will happen :)

~I have some new ring sizes available now too..size 8 and 9.

I have plenty of Swarovski Snowflake Pendants now too in case you were thinking of them as last minute gifts...I'm listing the newest one tomorrow...the AB (irridecsent) finish makes them so so sparkly!

I am into all the snowflake stuff now but I'm already thinking of spring jewerlry..hmmm, what will I make?!

Here are some pics of new things..some are already gone but they are fun to look at none the less!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I'm so excited! My very first time to be featured on a "big time" blog!

I posted a picture here but you can check out the real thing by clicking on this link~

Friday, December 14, 2007

Tell someone how you feel about them!

Have you ever had a person who influenced something in your life and they had no idea?
Maybe you should tell them!
When I first started getting into handmade jewelry I came across the coolest website. (Sharma Designs) She had a blog and every single morning it was the first thing I did (besides make my cup of coffee) She made the kind of jewelry designs that would amaze me, I would catch myself oohing, aahhing and saying out loud.."how does she come up with this"?! Just when I thought she couldn't top that..she did.
Anyway long story short...she doesn't do jewelry full time anymore and I still miss it and the blog.
So I emailed her and told her...I thought she should know how she inspired me to make jewelry. It felt good to me... to make someone else feel good.
And a bonus surprise SHE bought some of MY jewelry!
I am so honored... to say the least!
So in the spirit of the season...if you have someone that has made a positive impact in your life...tell them!
Thank you Sharla!
Oh..if you would like to check out her shopping blog it has some cool and unusual finds! ( I have a new fix) yea!
"Winter Snow Showers"

"Sparkling Snowflakes"

"Fluorite and Blackstone Beauty"

~Still hoping to get pictures up of the new earrings I made...I wish I had a fake sun light to take pictures with...maybe Santa will bring me one!

Here are a couple of dark beauties that have that "gypsy/bohemian" look...The earrings are missing from my etsy site though..I had a disappearance today. I lost one, its no where to be found :( And I don't have all the ingredients to make another exactly like it.
But I will make a similar one soon :) Unless you just want one..then I could name it "Pirate Girl"!

"Gypsy Girl Necklace"

"Gypsy Girl Earrings"

Tonight I made a bunch of new earrings..if you remember the "flying thru hoops" style, well I have new ones.

Also a new ring..."Winter Snow Flowers" and a slight twist on a necklace style I sold awhile back.

So hopefully in the light of the morning I can get some good pics and a couple of things listed!

See you then!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

November and December Listings

I have a bunch of new stuff that I have posted today. I have been neglecting my blog BUT I have been creating again. Some of these are already sold but I like to show them off anyway!
The Swarovski Snowflake is beautiful, its great to wear all winter long...So more of those are coming, the Icicle Earrings make it a great set!
WEll I'm in my 19th week of Pregnancy and all is going well! We had a 4-D ultrasound and we are having a boy! I'm now feeling him wiggle...its so weird, yet so normal..haha
It's very exciting and its wonderful to finally be over the morning..noon and night sickness!
Being away from my jewelry has given me a renewed sense of excitment to create again. For so long I couldn't even look at my bead room, I'm not sure why...but I've since moved it to a cozy corner of my family room downstairs ...I love it. ( bead room will soon be wigglebutt's room) And I
I bought new organizers for all the jewerly related items...i love the new feeling of organization it really helps free the mind to be creative!
Enjoy looking at these..and I'll try to post more often!

It Girl

Swarovski Snowflake
The Brownstone
Winter Storm

Sticks and Stones

Frilly Pearls

Crystal Ballroom

Green Garnet and a Pearl

Malachite Chic

Double Martini Dangles

Pretty Little Kitty

Copper and Patina

Winter White

Brown Lab

Beads and Bamboo

Amythest, Green Garnet Flower Garden

Copper and Turquoise Chandeliers

Paris Nights