Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet Spring..please come quick!

I decided not to post until I had something positive to say..the snow has been never ending this winter and the cabin fever has been unreal for us and everyone I talk to.
So we decided to paint our house to try to get our minds off of the outside ..but as I went back to the store for more and more cans of sample paint all we did was ocnfuse ourselves (as you can see from the spotches of paint on our kitchen walls)
Brown is a tricky color..it either has an orange cast..purple cast..puky cast..LOL
I finally got tired of trying and painted over it all with the original wall paint giving up until our frame of minds got better.
Thank goodness Chris took matters into his own hands and when I was at work he got the only swatch of brown we had not tried..painted the whole kitchen and when I walked in..it was done and I loved it!
Now onto the foyer..oy!

Carter decided to put on his vest and hat..pull up a chair and watch his crazy parents pick out a paint color!


Some new listings!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mother Earth, Peace and Hoops

After selling out of 2 of the "Mother Earth Hoop Bracelets" within hours of listing...I got supplies for 4 more...well now within hours only 2 are left!
So grab one if you want it now! (click on pic to take you to it)

Here is a sneak preview of another "Simple Chic" necklace...I really love it.

But I still have one more pic to take of it on my dress form before I list it..its a double strand necklace done in Sterling Silver with a Peace Sign that has a tiny bird in the middle and a matching bird above both charms are made by Hip Chicks.

"Peace of Chic"

This Green Agate and Butterfly necklace..is listed- just click on pic to view-

Thanks to everyone who signed up for my Secret Sale...

Anyone who hasn't..its never too late, it will be an on going thing.

The sale will only be offered to those signed up..it won't be announced on my site or blog..so its worth signing up for to know the scoop!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SNow..SnOw..go AWAY!

Here in Ohio we have TONS of snow!
Well its alot more than we have had in years anyway..and it won't stop..every day it snows all day.
This is the view from my kitchen window of our neighbors house..I love looking at their house..it always looks so cozy.

I would normally love it but not when you husband is a builder and has a house ready to go!We have cabin fever really bad..my only relief is going out to my bright happy little salon and escaping into work..I'm loving it!
I've even managed to make a few new things...but I have to confess in my spare time I'm catching up on bookwork for tax time. There is nothing I hate more..thats why I put it off all year until I have no choice.
Every new year I vow to start fresh and keep it up...I'm GOING to do it this year ;) These elements from the bracelet and necklace may look familiar..I tore apart a necklace that never sold and made 2 things from one...well see what happens!
Also in case you haven't read my Etsy announcement..I'm having a secret sale..only to people signed up for it..so send me an email or an Etsy Convo with you email address and first name and when I decide on the "secret sale" I'll send you the details!Please sign up..I only have one person so far!

This is sort of a funny pic...when one of us goes to the basement..Carter watches through our cat hole!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Day Listings!

I made 2..and one is gone already..I don't think I can get more of the Hoops so if ya want one.... :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Such a good boy....

These are not a staged pictures..its really my little eager helper boy loading his laundry in the washer...any bets as to how long this will last?! :-)

I'm kind of burned out on wire wrapping an entire necklace or bracelet..I've done hundreds by now and I decided to clear my head and think about what jewelry I am attracted to personally.
I realized I like simple one or two bead jewelry and usually with natural components like a really unique stone or clasp or chain. I also like leather cord.
So I made a couple of simple double strand necklaces I'm calling my "Simple Chic" collection!
The only downside is they are really hard to capture the true beauty in pictures..they look best ON!
But here they are...let me know your thoughts...is it a good direction to go?!
*Click on Pic to view full listing and more pictures*

They are saying snow tomorrow..we'll see ;-)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coming Soon~*As soon as I find time to list them...........

Except for this one... It's a a custom request~