Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 4th

Chris finally found some time to concrete the rest of our driveway..it was long over due and we are really excited!

So was someone else..Carter was right out there in the middle of it all~

And he even got to make his mark
And soak himself with the hose!
WE had such a fun weekend!
Fireworks 2 nights..Friday night was at the mall with friends..Carter had sooooo much fun running around with all the kids.
Saturday night we went to the campus and was right under the fireworks, it was incredible..Carter kept sticking out his tougue to catch them!

We went to the Granville Street Fair but the heat was unbearble so after 2 rides in the burning sun and a very sour lemon shake-up... we called it quits :(


Some new jewels...

My all time personal favorite picture to date...
I am going to enlarge it and hang it in our bedroom!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


 I have been meaning to do an update on Carters foot..it is now completly healed and you will never know it happened.
 This is right after we changed his bandage for the first time..
And this is when it started peeling...he actually liked to peel it himself :)
Father's Day
                                           Happy 4th of July!