Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 2014!

Another year is gone and a new one has begun again. Wow it was the fastest yet I think, and I am seeing that its true "the older you get the faster it goes"

I now have a 5 yr old ... halfway through Kindergarten.
In a week I will be more then halfway to yet another milestone birthday. 
I won't lie..I don't like it. life is good and I am grateful to still be in it :)

As you can see our newest addition to the family is now 1 yr old. Sparky is doing very well, he is totally apart of our family now. 
It took me the full year to fall in love...I don't obsess over my floors not being clean 5 minutes after I clean them anymore. He wore me down and I surrender. LOL
At least with a Goldendoodle there is no shedding..that has been his saving grace throughout.
We trained him to ring the bell that hangs on the door when he wants out..he now rings it to let us know the cat wants in. funny!

Chris finished the biggest building project to date...we finally got a much much needed vaca after 2 years..and we are taking a risk with building a house to sell for the first time since the 2009 crash. It has been exciting for us and has given Carter new experiences on Buckeye Lake.

He was an uncanny Harry Potter for Halloween

And he started Karate

I somehow managed to make a few things this year...some I listed some I sold some I still have...somewhere LOL

It was a good year and we have some exciting adventures on the horizon for this year. 
I am hoping to make post some jewelry..home decor and building progress posts here also. This blog was always something I enjoyed and my New Years wish is to get back to it!

ps. Does anyone still check my blog?
leave me a lil comment if you do ;-}