Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Repurposing to the MAX!

This has been a several month project but its finally done!
When we built our house we couldn't find a master bath venity that we loved so we just put the best we could find at the time and knowing later we would update.
And so we decided to replace the one big vanity with 2 instead and it works out alot better!
So we took the old vanity to the basement and many months later Carter and I went down and tackled it!

                                                He takes his job very seriously!

Then we continued the stripes in my hair salon around the corner and put the cabinet there for a perfect work station for me. Chris added a wood top and I ordered glass to protect it. I love it.I have such a bug work surface many things I don't know how I ever did without it.

                                                                        From this-
                                                                           To this-

                                                                              To this-

A great tip for drawer liners...I bought wrapping paper from TJMaxx..its kind of heavy and its cheaper to line drawers with. Lots more choices of patterns too!
Salon before before I added  more stripes....
I striped my waiting area table too :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy V Day!

So this is the first year for Carter to have a pre-school Valentine party!
I couldn't resist creating homemade cards since this is my area of expertise and I better use it now before the "math stuff" takes over someday and I will be lost.  *seriously*

As you can see I just cut slits above and below his hand and inserted the was easy peasy!
On the back I cut out pink or purple construction paper and glued it on after he wrote the classmates name and his. (we are still working on this since the attention span of a 3 yr old boy only allows for maybe 3 cards a day) LOL

Lucky for me I have a ham for a kid and he posed for many many pictures until I got just the right angle.

I'm glad "he's mine" he is the best Valentine!