Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Pieces

Some new pieces!...descriptions and prices are all are listed on ETSY!

Sold~but I have more!





sold! pair left!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blue Bird Necklace~Green Garnet Ring

I am so in love with this necklace!
It's my new favorite, sometimes an idea just comes together so nice.
It has alot of very nice componets to it... so its alittle more expensive than my other things, but I think it shows (not to mention all the wire wrapping:)
Birds are so "in" right now in the jewelry world too!
Prices are listed on my ETSY site!
The pendant features a handcast sterling silver flying bird toggle. It has a Swarovski Crystal flat briolette attached below that is faceted to catch the light.
A tiny peacock blue swarovski Crystal sits on top.
The necklace is made up of robin's egg blue glass beads, they even have a bronze feather pattern on them!
Each one was handwrapped in sterling silver and then oxidized and buffed to give it a vintage look!

"Blue Bird Earrings"

"Green Garnet Ring" Sold!

A little bit different than the last one!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Garden Party

Such great people on ETSY..Check out what Kelly had to say ...
She bought "Urban Boxwood" bracelet. It's nice to know that someone enjoyed what you did.
Buying is all about the journey... looking, finding, waiting, getting the package in the mail, seeing how it was wrapped and finally seeing what's inside...
It's very fullfilling to give that special little moment to someone... and it's what drives me to be even more creative with this crazy jewelry thing!
Thank YOU!

"Garden Party" $41 Sold
This necklace features a Karen Hill Tribe Sterling Silver Sunflower. The bee charm is buzzing around the stones that have all the colors sunflowers do.
I especially love the stone closest to the pendant that has a spot that looks like a sunflower!
How lucky is that!
The chain is Sterling that I oxidized and buffed to match the patina of the flower and bee.
Sterling Toggle clasp.

"Dark Forest" $28
Earthy ...yet Funky!
Note: It looks bigger in the pictures than it is!
This necklace features a tab shell pendant (53mm) w/large hole.
It is dark brown,kind of transparent when held in the light. But if worn with, could pass for black!
Green and creamy white Tree Agate ovals and Salwag seed beads are wirewrapped with sterling silver.
They look and feel like wood with a nice texture, feels good on the neck!
18- 20"
Adjustable Sterling Silver Chain and Lobster clasp.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wish upon a Turquoise,Henna and Star!

" Turquoise & Henna" $30 Sold (sorry sold within an hour on Etsy)
This necklace Features a 34mm round handmade ceramic pendant that has a henna-like stamp design.
Chinese Turquoise in shades of blue to green with small round bone make up the necklace.
Great color combination.
One of a kind!
Sterling Silver chain and spring clasp.
Matching earrings upon request!

"Spirit Star" $25 Sold

This necklace is made with a textured lead free pewter hollow star pendant.

I put a sterling silver accent on one side.

The brown silk cord is very soft against your skin!

The clasp is a sterling silver hook and eye.

19" in length.

"Starfish Fairy" $32

This necklace features a lead free pewter starfish pendant. It sits on a double black silk cord.

Sterling Silver accents beads on each side.

Clasp is a sterling silver hook and eye.

17.5" (Sits better higher on neck.)

Chic Zebra's

I couldn't resist this combination I noticed as I was listing my stuff on ETSY!
"Night Snow" $14 Sold
These earrings are made up of a chunk of Snowflake Obsidian Stone.
Wrapped with black wire and a iridescent gray bead on top.

A chic zebra wallet...great to give with a gift card inside!
$12 SAle $8.50
I have lots more of these in my salon, new additions recently added!

New Stuff!

"Flower & Stained Glass" $27
This necklace features a 30mm flower pendant made of mother of pearl, it reflects a rainbow of colors!Rectangle czech beads remind one of stained glass, the edges have a picasso finish.Oval MOP beads with swarvoski peacock blue crystals inbetween.
18-20" Adjustable
All metal is Sterling Silver.

Matching Earrings $14 or $10 w/ necklace

"Dark Raspberry" $28 (sold fast but I made another, only 1 left!)

This necklace features a gorgeous Crazy Lace stone pendant! It has more of darker tones than the "Pink Raspberry" necklace. An amythest quartz bead on one side and 2 at the toggle clasp, compliment the colors in the stone.

Necklace is 17.5" ~ the pendant measures 40mm x 13mm.

The chain is sterling silver which has been oxidized dark, it really brings out the dark swirls in the stone.

"Checker Chic" $28

This necklace features a Mosaic Mother of Pearl Checkered teardrop pendant.

45 x 30mm.MOP squares,black Ebony wood, and small Bone beads complete this eyectaching necklace!

18-20" adjustable length.

Sterling Silver chain and lobster clasp.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pink Raspberry

"Pink Raspberry" $28 Sold
This necklace features a gorgeous Crazy Lace stone pendant! The Karen Hill Tribe toggle fastens in the front, a pink quartz bead on one side compliments the stone.Necklace is 17.5" ~ the pendant measures 40mm x 13mm.The chain is sterling silver which has been oxidized and buffed.


A nice faceted Pink Quartz bead with a small sqaure Raspberry czech bead on top!

Hangs from surgical steel kidney shaped earwires.40mm in length.

Goes great with "Pink Raspberry" necklace!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Teal, Jade & Copper

This necklace is already on here, but it had it's new picture retaken and a pair of earrings made to go with it!

"Teal, Jade & Copper" $17 Sold

30" long necklace, czech teal beads with tiny copper round balls inbetween.

Rectangle Jade stones makes for a pretty color combination!

Slips over head...can be made longer if you'd like to double it, just email me!

$9 Sold

Handwrapped with copper, a flat teal bead with picasso edges, and a teal yellowish faceted ball dangles from hammered hoop. Oxidized for an aged look.

About 2 1/4 " from top of earwire.

Goes nicely with the Teal, Jade and Copper long necklace!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Custom project for a special person!

I wanted to show off a custom project, she brought in her dresses and gave me creative freedom!..It was fun and she loved them...she actually wore the blue one into my salon today and looked FABULOUS!

She deserves it after a tough year.

She is a breast cancer survivor and a very strong girl!

Colene, you are my hero!

Labordorite Earrings

Labordorite Trio $14
These earrings match the "Rusty Labordorite" Necklace..or are great by themself too!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Green Garnets & Labordorite

Green Garnets and Labordorite are my new favorites!

Being born in January, Garnet is my birthstone..As a little girl I always hated it, I'm such a green person. So when I started making jewelry I discovered "green" Garnets!

I finally splurged and bought some, they are not cheap... here is what they look like, so many shades..from pale green to dark olive , I love them!

You will see some earrings soon, and who knows what else..(if I don't hoard them for myself that is)!
The necklace is is the chameleon of stones, they are shimming shades of grayish blue but go with whatever you wear, they almost glow!

Here are some new additions, they are listed on ETSY where you can see more pictures and a detailed description. The "locals" price is going to be $5.00 less than listed!

$19 Sold (1 left) size 5

Friday, July 13, 2007

Silver & Wood

"Silver & Wood" $23
What is more basic than silver and wood! A tiger Ebony wood drop hangs from delicate sterling chain.And handwrapped little wood round beads with sterling silver.18-20" This necklace is so simple and goes with just about everything in your closet! I loved it so much I had to make myself one, and I find myself wearing most of the time!
The matching earrings are 2 small wood balls on each, ver cute!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Turquoise, Stars, Sunsets & Confetti !

"Copper & Confetti" $31
SOLD! But one more, and only one is being created soon!
A perfectly faceted rectangle of Pink Jasper hangs below a circle of copper.
Coral fluted beads Light Crystal Celsian Renasissance beads that sparkle, and light green Ocean Jasper beads all handwrapped in copper that I oxidized to dark copper.
I think it gave it that handed down heirloom feel!
19" with a copper "S" hook

"Turquoise Teardrop" $27 Sold

A polished Turquoise Jasper Teardrop Pendant that feels smooth on your skin is the focus of this stunning necklace. Matching round stones, Brown Tortoise beads that are faceted to add sparkle along with round wood beads.

Sterling Silver


"Desert Sunset" $28 Sold

Such a unique Jasper pendant with swirls in shades of caramel,tan,brown and dark gray.

Citrine Quartz, Caramel and Tortoise color beads accent the chain that has been oxidized to bring out all the colors!

Sterling Silver

19" adjustable all along the chain

*If this looks familar you are right. It has had a acid bath,had a hoop added and it got a new name!...She Looks like a new woman!

"Twinkle Twinkle" $26 Sold ~my first on Etsy and my first's off to the United Kingdom!

A hollow Shell Star shines in the light!

Unique rectangle beads, look like tiny church windows. Renaissance firepolished beads compliment the mish mash of little shells.

Sterling Silver