Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trick or Treat!

All week we have been practicing..."How's a pirate go?" Arggggggggg!!!

Mom and Dad said I did this last year..but I sure don't remember!

I'm ready..let's go!

more pictures?..lets get to mamaw's!

Mamaw gave me candy and cars!
I went lots of places and I wanted to go more..but I'm happy to be back home with Fido!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Glorious Crystals!

Crazy me these days..I made the rest of these necklaces last week and forgot to list them...
I picked colors that were unusual and spectacular!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Starting to feel creative again!

I have a new stash of Swarovski Crystals and 50 ft of Sterling Silver Chain!

I started making the necklaces today and I had to show off this one first...I am mesmerized by this color! I'm a sucker for green..not just any old green but unusual greens!

This is Crystal Verde and it is stunning...I made it while Carter was at his mamaws and I was wearing it when he came back... the minute I was in his sight his eyes locked on it and he was reaching for it!
Imagine getting or giving one of these for Christmas!?

I'll be hopefully listing more over the next few days~

I had to show you what he did yesterday..we were taking a walk to the back of our property so I had my camera taking some pictures (the trees are starting to turn colors here) We walked by Romeo's grave which Carter knows well now ..he always waves down to it but this time he bent over and kissed his marker stone! It really touched our hearts ;)

Yes that is me.. and little Linus in the wagon ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wanna beautiful new house?

We have tried every kind of advertising except here on my I thought I'd try that too!
I know I have alot of international readers but you never know if someone from Spain might want to move to Ohio..(its really pretty this time of year!)
This is a house that my husband started last year before the bottom fell out of the earth. Its beautiful..but not selling and having double mortages are killing us.
Please if you know of anyone who might be interested them these pictures..give them this link:
We will accept and offer now..within reason of course.
We are going to have one more open house this sunday from 2-4 ..if no luck then its in the hand of a now is the time for a great deal.
All the info and more pictures is on the Hahn Builders website.
~also if anyone would like to build new or remodel their house..Chris' is wonderful to work with!
Pass the word..
Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pumkin Patch!

It was so much fun this year with a 17 month old! Here is a variety of pictures in no particular you can see he did a little of everything at the farm. His favorite thing was the John Deer that was pulling the tractor..he has fallen in love with any kind of work equipment.
His favorite of backhoes,trackhoes,bulldozers and dump trucks! I catch him all the time sitting real quiet, turning the pages slowly taking them all in!
He is doing so much now that I can't possibly catch you up..I'm sure you have noticed my lack of blogging reason is he keeps me busy (and entertained :)
he is starting to make animal sounds and he makes the effect to try to say whatever word we ask him to. Its so sweet to finally hear his voice and words.
"How's a cow go?"
"Ahh maaaawwwwhh!"
Enjoy little Charlie Brown in the Great Pumpkin Patch!