Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rings..Ring and more Rings!

I decided to list some of my unique stones for rings..its really difficult because each one of totally different and to take a photo of it made into a ring waste the pricey sterling silver wire..when someone orders I make it to their size so I would be making it twice.
So I figured out a way to take an already made ring, cut the stone off and slide the stone on to take a picture!
That way you can see what its going to look like made. In the past I just showed the stone laying flat but they never sold..I think it was too hard for people to picture it done.
I am so excited because I have some Labordorite stones of my fav natural stones!
Gray with flashes of blue!
I check the mailbox daily hoping to see my package!
I have 2 of these lovely stone left..see listing to view them.

Sadly this is the last stone I have..I am having trouble finding anymore that had such detail.
But I won't give up..this Black Flower was my no.1 seller!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

clearance sale

I can't help but feel defeated. I have only had one sale on Etsy. There is just so much talent on there...I feel I can't compete. Its hard pressed to even get "views" when my pieces are listed. Its sure not like the glory days a few years back..but it was a fun last Hoorah ...
So I have marked everything crazy down in price...I will probably still make a few things here and there because I have to create because....its just what makes me me.
So for now..check out my low rock bottom prices...and free shipping.
Nothing over $20 in whole store!!!Can't beat that!

My goal was to sell enough so I could start buying the tools I need to make something like these rings..I just love them..
I never give up my dreams and year when everyday first grade happens, my world will change and I will have a little more time flexibility.
A girl has to dream anyway ;)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Blue Butterfly Bracelet

 This is my blizzard result...the storm wimped out but we were still trapped inside..and I had a willing (and bored) model today! The last 2 photos are even selfies :)

 "Don't you make my Brown eyes Blue"

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Turtle in the Desert

I can't help it..I love Turquoise and Brown!
And I told you I might use the Chunky Czech Beads in a Bracelet..and I did so the Ring is no longer available...but its ok I love the final result!

These are the last of my Desert Jasper Stones... I also love how they turned out!

Big snow storm predicted for tomorrow..but I have a feeling I will be making some more beach bracelets :)

Friday, February 28, 2014

This weeks listings!

~I am so loving this bracelet..the colors work so great together!
~These Shells are some of my favs!
~one of a kind stone..once its gone..its gone!

I made myself one like this and wear it almost everyday!

~same goes for the matching them!

~Just a great versatile neutral necklace!

I love this Czech Bead..I only have a few of these so if the ring is a flop..they are going to be in a bracelet soon!

This is a brand new Stone addition to my flower rings! Its color is alluring and just the right size!

Also another new Army Green!

Water Lily 
Very soft and pretty for Spring!

~Would be a great summer necklace!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I am having a SALE!
Just add the code CABINFEVER at checkout and you will get a BIG 25% OFF!
This is to kickoff my coming out of Toddler Retirement and re-entering the jewelry world!
Click on the Titles to be directed directly to the link (if it doesn't highlight I have not listed it yet)
New things are being added daily!