Friday, March 28, 2014

Lucky Lab

This has been a very stressful week to say the least. Not too many people know..only close friends or clients that were in around the time I had my ct scan.
It came back that I had an enlarged adrenal gland.
Panic set in..and I had 7 days to go to my next test to take a "closer look"
A very tough week.
And it was spring break which was a blessing and a curse. I had taken the week off to have fun with Carter..but I was paralyzed with fear.
We read so much about the adrenal gland that I think we could write a thesis on the subject. Cancerous Adrenal tumors are said to be rare...but still you don't know till you know.
The days drug on until finally yesterday I had some more cocktails of Barium..and another scan. My knees shook with terror on the table..praying as I passed through the big donut..please no tumors.
Finally today I got the call from my doctor himself.. (I love him...he knows me so well and knew how worried I was)
When I answered his first words were "Good News"
I could have reached through that phone and hung onto him..I had no words other than through my sobs "its been a long week"
I actually do have a tumor (we had assumed that) These are incidentally found on ct's when looking for something else....but its benign and the radiologist said no follow up was even necessary.

I feel brand new today...very weak but elated!
And in the mailbox were my long awaited Labradorites!
So I am calling them my "Lucky Labs"!!!
It's a beautiful stone...Gray with flashes of Blue!

It's funny how when you think your life is over..clarity takes over and you can see things you need to do so clearly and the obstacles that were in the way... just vanish.

Something good always comes from the darkest moments in life.

Have a great weekend everyone..I know I will!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rings..Ring and more Rings!

I decided to list some of my unique stones for rings..its really difficult because each one of totally different and to take a photo of it made into a ring waste the pricey sterling silver wire..when someone orders I make it to their size so I would be making it twice.
So I figured out a way to take an already made ring, cut the stone off and slide the stone on to take a picture!
That way you can see what its going to look like made. In the past I just showed the stone laying flat but they never sold..I think it was too hard for people to picture it done.
I am so excited because I have some Labordorite stones of my fav natural stones!
Gray with flashes of blue!
I check the mailbox daily hoping to see my package!
I have 2 of these lovely stone left..see listing to view them.

Sadly this is the last stone I have..I am having trouble finding anymore that had such detail.
But I won't give up..this Black Flower was my no.1 seller!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

clearance sale

I can't help but feel defeated. I have only had one sale on Etsy. There is just so much talent on there...I feel I can't compete. Its hard pressed to even get "views" when my pieces are listed. Its sure not like the glory days a few years back..but it was a fun last Hoorah ...
So I have marked everything crazy down in price...I will probably still make a few things here and there because I have to create because....its just what makes me me.
So for now..check out my low rock bottom prices...and free shipping.
Nothing over $20 in whole store!!!Can't beat that!

My goal was to sell enough so I could start buying the tools I need to make something like these rings..I just love them..
I never give up my dreams and year when everyday first grade happens, my world will change and I will have a little more time flexibility.
A girl has to dream anyway ;)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Blue Butterfly Bracelet

 This is my blizzard result...the storm wimped out but we were still trapped inside..and I had a willing (and bored) model today! The last 2 photos are even selfies :)

 "Don't you make my Brown eyes Blue"

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Turtle in the Desert

I can't help it..I love Turquoise and Brown!
And I told you I might use the Chunky Czech Beads in a Bracelet..and I did so the Ring is no longer available...but its ok I love the final result!

These are the last of my Desert Jasper Stones... I also love how they turned out!

Big snow storm predicted for tomorrow..but I have a feeling I will be making some more beach bracelets :)

Friday, February 28, 2014

This weeks listings!

~I am so loving this bracelet..the colors work so great together!
~These Shells are some of my favs!
~one of a kind stone..once its gone..its gone!

I made myself one like this and wear it almost everyday!

~same goes for the matching them!

~Just a great versatile neutral necklace!

I love this Czech Bead..I only have a few of these so if the ring is a flop..they are going to be in a bracelet soon!

This is a brand new Stone addition to my flower rings! Its color is alluring and just the right size!

Also another new Army Green!

Water Lily 
Very soft and pretty for Spring!

~Would be a great summer necklace!

Sunday, February 16, 2014