Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Super Woman

"A Winters Dream"

"Copper Garland"

"Girl Power"

Ok, I changed my mind on the "Super Woman" necklace name. But when I looked at the picture of it, it just didn't fit...so its "Girl Power"
I have had this pendant for a long time and I know I liked it but wasn't sure how to use it. I think it turned out nice, I hope someone else will see the beauty and symbolism in it.

It kind of ties in with what I was thinking about as I was driving around yesterday...They say that at this stage of pregnancy the baby can hear sounds. If that is true this little boy is going to come out singing Alicia Keys!! I play her new CD non-stop in my car, every song is amazing...
Hopefully he will sound like her and not his tone deaf momma!

I love this song by her called "SuperWoman" and it came to mind when I made this necklace and was writing the description...We as women have so much pressure on us to do EVERYTHING and we actually think we can do it all... but it truly is amazing what we as women do get done in this modern day.

Maybe we are Super Women!!

Take a listen...

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