Sunday, September 11, 2011

First day of Preschool

                                     Its finally here the day I have been looking forward to and dreading! I have had him signed up for a year and have been talking to him about it..he always says he is excited..that was until the day before when he declared he was not going! NO I NOT GO!
So I drove him to the building and showed him what door we would go in and all that..and when he saw the playground he was back on board!

That morning I was more nervous than he I think as I hurried him around to get ready I felt my hands shaking a bit.
But he did great and was such a big boy. It was raining so he was excited to use his Thomas umbrella. (props always help) and he walked right into his class..the teacher showed him his name on the table and it had a dinasaur cut out beside it. She gave him a puzzle and he was like.."bye mom" LOL

 When I went back to the class to get him..he was in the same amazed me how this many 3 year olds were so being so orderly. But then he locked his eyes on me and he lit up and came running "MOMMY"! nearly knocking me over!
On the way home he was yawning and I said wow preschool really makes you tired huh? He said "Yea all that work we done!"
As soon as we walked in the house he said "whew we did it mom"! I love this kid!
Daddy took him to the grocery while I was at work and he put his head down and fell asleep right in the cart! Sound asleep too he was bobbing his head in the parking lot and slept awhile at home! (this is the kid that never sleeps!)
He is lucky his first friend got into his class too! Her mom and I joke this picture will be the prom in a few years! LOL
Its so exciting and I am so proud of him..but the really strange thing that I keep thinking about is...It bugs me that I don't know what he did in that classroom..I have been with him constantly for 3 years.. but now I have let him go alittle and it bugs me. I guess I love to watch him learn everything and I sort of feel like I'm missing out.
But hey..with time to do what I want for a few hours...I will learn to deal with it!