Monday, November 30, 2009

The last day of November

Yes its me..I'm back at least for today.
Times are tough for us self employed people ..I don't want to wish time away I really don't. But some things I am looking forward to are:
Turning 43 in January (42 is a cursed year)
Carter sitting and watching Tv for more than 1 minute
The economy coming back for real ( and not what the reporters say)
Buying things I want instead of need
Feeling content and relaxed and secure when I lay my head on my pillow at night
Chris being able to do what he loves again..~build houses and golf
Listening to what Carter has to say
And of course making jewelry again!
I actually have been making some behind the scenes for special orders..but I made this super sparkly swarovski snowflake bracelet (say that 5 times)

So we went Friday to cut our Christmas Tree..of course the mild winter turned windy and cold that day.
But little Carter Hahn braved it and got his 2nd tree!
Enjoy the pictures they speak for themselves :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Year and a Half Old Today!

It used to annoy me before I had a child that when you would ask how old someones little one was they also told you in months..but of course that is how I answer now because that is just how it is..everything is measured in months..even clothes.
But today I can say little Carter Hahn is offically One and a Half Years Old..or 18 months if you prefer!
And another Friday the 13th..I love it but I have no choice as that is the day I was born on!
Lucky 13 to us!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Swarovski Crystals and "Cheez"

The New and Improved "Cheez" face of Carter Boy!

And some ham with his Cheez too!

This was a request to make another Owl Necklace for a fabulous jewelry buyer of mine! It turned out super..

I actually have 5 more owls that are so gorgeous in some different colors..I'll try to post them soon!

These Tanzanite Crystals are so pretty in person..more of a warm purple color than pictured.

I oxidized the Sterling dark and buffed one and kept the other dark!

This is a Volcano Swarovski Crystal..rainbow colors in person!