Tuesday, December 25, 2007

100th Sale!

Merry Christmas!
Yea!!!! For Jenny Dickson!
She made my 100th sale on Esty today..and Christimas Day to top it off!
She gets a little prize ..not sure what yet, but I know her style by now!
Here is my little baby Fido! He gets tired of trying to get mommies attention...so he just jumped right up in front of my Etsy screen. But the poor cat didn't know he would have to advertise for me!
How Cute!

A sneek preview of my newest earrings...I am in love with them! I'm hoping to capture in a picture how they look in the light with the little Swarovski Crystal...spinning around!

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MyCatLulu- Becca said...

kitty love sales ! Lulu wants me to keep off the computer for a little bit..