Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting Ready...

You might call it nesting..I just call it getting ready. No surge of energy in fact I have less of it than I have had for the last 9 months!
I can't decide which outfit to bring..not knowing how big he will be or what his style will be until I see him!
So I'm bringing them all!
Car Seat is in..Bags are being packed...Little clothes are being washed..
(dreft smells really good!)

Now this is something I thought I'd never see in my Jeep...

Now all we need is a baby!

Less than 2 weeks till due date!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Passion Rings

Here is the last of the wholesale ring order..these 3 are for the owner herself! Or both Owners..I never know which one I'm talking to!
Kathy and Katie from
Passion Knit Bags!
They are great to work with...good luck selling your Bags and my Rings at your shows!

Please check out Passion Knit Bags on ETSY:
And they also have a website:

Baby Update

Went to the doctor yesterday and still no progress to report!
My thick cervix has been great to keep the baby secure all these months but now it may be tough to get it to soften and open up.
He said I may even go over to week 42 or 43..ugh!
I feel like my body cannot stretch anymore!
But..he will come when he is ready!
In the meantime her is a picture of his pack n play we put in our room...Chris gave me the cute little wall plaque for Christmas..its a daily reminder of the special little person joining us soon!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Simple..Chic and Cheap Earrings!

I don't know what got into me but I got on an Earring making spree!

These are great for summer and I think they are so won't see them on everyone else that is for sure!

And I priced them to sell at only $12!

"Copper Patina Hoops"

"Vintage Earth Sparkles"
"Stained Glass Filigrees"

"Black Marbled Copper"
"Butterfly Bling"
"Copper Lotus Flower Hoops"
"Old World Charm"
"Good Day Sunshine"

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shower Pics part 2

I have more shower pics to show!

Me arriving...what a pretty spring day it turned out to be..
This is a collage of Chris and I when we were little and baby Carter's 4-D ultrasound pics..
Steph did a great job on it and we still look at it..its so amazing to see a bit of both of us in him!
We joke that it's like putting both of us in a blender..and he is made!

What profiles!
Hope it all goes back in place..or close anyway!

I just want cake!
Oh there it is...and boy did we eat cake for a couple of days!
I even took some to my doctor and staff..I figure I need all the brownie points I can get! haha
In fact I'm thinking of apologizing ahead of time for anything I might say or do during delivery!

Thanks again to everyone for coming and I'm still getting calls from those who couldn't make it ..I love hearing from everyone!

New Summer Rings!

These are the new rings I made up for summer!
The colors are so soft and fresh.. Made with Sterling Silver and handwrapped custom as soon as you order.
Just specify in checkout your *size*.. it can be whole or half and the *finish* you would like!
"White Jade" ~bright silver
"White Jade" Dark Oxidized
"White Jade" Buffed
"Amazonite Flower" ~Bright Silver
"Amazonite Flower" ~ Dark Oxidized
"Amazonite Flower"~ Buffed

"Lemon Lime Jade Pinwheel"~ Bright Silver
"Lemon Lime Jade Pinwheel" ~ Dark Oxidized
"Lemon Lime Jade Pinwheel" ~ Buffed
The New Jade stones are almost gone...only one left. The black, Pink and Yellow are getting low.
So if you have been debating..grab them up now before they are gone!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Support an Indie Artist!

If you or anyone you know is into Fibers, Felting or Collage Type Art have to check out my friend Stephanie and her mom Willa's Etsy shop!
These dolls are incredible in person...the thought process and detail every doll has is to be admired. Holding them and feeling all the textures and finding hidden details is the best part!
Each doll has its own story...Willa has done a great job making you lose yourself reading this dolls life story... if only for a little while!

Support a Indie Artist...Stop by their shop, give them a heart... a comment or even a sale!

New Flower Stones

Look at the new carved flower stones I just got today!
Those wire wrapped rings have really taken off since spring arrived so I decided to add some new colors..
The teal color is Amazonite...
White Jade and
Lemon/Lime Jade
~I just have to make up some samples and get them listed on ETSY!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Front Page of Etsy!

Getting on the front page of Etsy is kind of a big deal! It gets you lots of exposure..check it out, my Rosemary Mint Ring is featured on the bottom middle.
And if you hurry you can see it in real time !

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rings & Things

"Blue Bird Nest Ring"
For the ever popular bird lovers of Etsy!
My Blue Bird Nest Necklace is back also...I had a bride request one for her wedding so I got enough to make 3 more...2 are gone already today so if you want one grab it! With the baby so close I'm not sure when I will get around to making more.

"Turquoise Desert Ring"

This is my personal favorite embellishment ring I have made so far!

The colors look so good with a tan and its small enough to be discreet yet still be a stand out!

This is the wholesale ring order I have been working on...It was fun to use some different charms and natural stone combinations! to wire wrap my bird necklaces!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stretchy Bracelets

Personally I love stretchy bracelets!
They are easy to get on and they don't move around..I'm just not a "dangle bracelet" girl!
They are not for everyone but if you are a "no dangle girl"..check these out!

"Funky Chunky Blondie"

They lay flat when not on I put them on to help you visualise them!


"Circles and Shells, Turquoise and Bling"

(This one is gone..but it will not show sold on Etsy because it sold locally)


"Nuggets & Hoops"

I wore a similar one at my shower and alot of people loved it so...I made a few to list.

If you would like one but with different colors just let me know!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby Shower ~part 1

My shower went really well..the sun came out and it was a gorgeous spring day!

Thanks to everyone that called or emailed me to say they had a good time..I really appreciate that!

It as wonderful to see everyone again!

I only have a few pictures for right now..I will post more of the actual shower when I get them from others.

These are my longest and closest friends..The 3 on the right have been friends since 1st grade Stephanie, Jamie and Kendy..and Colene on the left met up with us in middle school!
This is Steph, she is my artsy friend. Her mom Willa and her did a fabulous job on my shower...She made a picture collage of Chris, me and Carters ultrasound pictures! (I'll post that later also)
This is her son Jesse, he is so excited that I'm having a boy! ( no need to point out the obvious Jesse) haha
And this is my sweetie that came in a the very end..ripped jeans and all...Hopefully Carter will still think we are still cool even if we are old! :)

Well like I said ..more pictures to come...I have been busy with getting all the great gifts sorted out and put away...this kid will not be deprived of anything that is for sure!


Also had a Dr. appt. yesterday....nothing new to report ...but I am having alot of pressure and tiredness for the first time in this pregnancy..I'm waddling too..I try not to it just happens!

I'll keep ya posted!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Jamie's Starlight

A special request from a special friend I've had since first grade!

"Jamie's Starlight"