Friday, December 14, 2007

Tell someone how you feel about them!

Have you ever had a person who influenced something in your life and they had no idea?
Maybe you should tell them!
When I first started getting into handmade jewelry I came across the coolest website. (Sharma Designs) She had a blog and every single morning it was the first thing I did (besides make my cup of coffee) She made the kind of jewelry designs that would amaze me, I would catch myself oohing, aahhing and saying out loud.."how does she come up with this"?! Just when I thought she couldn't top that..she did.
Anyway long story short...she doesn't do jewelry full time anymore and I still miss it and the blog.
So I emailed her and told her...I thought she should know how she inspired me to make jewelry. It felt good to me... to make someone else feel good.
And a bonus surprise SHE bought some of MY jewelry!
I am so honored... to say the least!
So in the spirit of the season...if you have someone that has made a positive impact in your life...tell them!
Thank you Sharla!
Oh..if you would like to check out her shopping blog it has some cool and unusual finds! ( I have a new fix) yea!
"Winter Snow Showers"

"Sparkling Snowflakes"

"Fluorite and Blackstone Beauty"

~Still hoping to get pictures up of the new earrings I made...I wish I had a fake sun light to take pictures with...maybe Santa will bring me one!

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