Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

This was our day yesterday..we had so much fun and finally we have a good excuse to do all the Halloweenie things we did before and not look stupid!
Chris always drags me (well maybe not a good choice of a word) to the pumpkin patch and insist we carve a jack-o-lantern..same goes to Easter..we still color eggs every year no matter what!
Here is Carter waiting on his Daddy to get home with his "he's so cute its scary" outfit on!
He looks excited!

Our adventure at the Pumpkin Patch!

Carter loved his little pumpkin..he touched and played with it right away!

It was so funny..he started chuckling when Chris was carving the pumpkin :0
~~~ he is what he dressed as..........
Look at Romeo (our cat) in the background!
This was all Chris' idea..I wanted him to be a duck..but he wasn't happy with that I searched and searched on the internet until we both agreed on Robin..he was pretty darn cute..and he didn't even mind the mask!
Grandma and Grandpa went crazy over him!

And he got his first taste of candy on Trick or Treat!
(ut oh..this is only the beginning!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

House update,Turkeys,International Shipping, no more rings, and Carter pics!

Our house is still a mess!

Good thing we have another month..there is no way we would have been ready to move by November 1st!
But we will be ready by Dec 1st!

Progress IS just can't see it. Putting up, caulking and painting the trim takes FOREVER. And you see little progress..but then one day ..its done.

We have the tile work done and some vanities, toliets etc. set. Now the walls are being painted.

This is what I did..I stained the front door

woo hoo

And this will be baby Carter's room!

Again..didn't get to paint myself but it was kind of nice telling someone else what to do!

I see you!

He loves his snowglobe!

Turkeys outside in the yard of our house we live in now

Some simple earrings..I am not expecting to win any jewelry design award for these..but they are meant to be just nice simple non fussy addtions to a antique gold or copper necklace or bracelet you may have!

"Hula Hoops"

Picasso Renaissance

Petite Copper Poppers

Copper Classics

Antique Copper Oval Hoops

Antique Gold Floral Hoops


~Business news~

I am not going to be doing any international shipping for awhile. I cannot simply print my shipping label and put the package in my mailbox on my front porch. I have to put the baby in the to the post office..get out the stroller..put the carseat in the stroller..go in the post office..experience the oh so pleasant postal workers (haha) then do it all over..just for a package.

So since I will be packing and moving and it will be winter soon..I am not going to resume international shipping till spring

I'm but I hope everyone understands :)

Also I will not be making any of the wire wrapped rings until we are moved and settled in..they too take time away from my ever growing bundle of joy and this time with him I will never get back!

Custom orders will be limited also..if you have a custom request please ask me about it..but I will only being doing what I have supplies to make!

Just hang in there with me..!

Thanks :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Peas ..Peas and Carrots!

"Vintage Picassos"


Little man likes his Peas! He did this day anyway..seems to change, except for one thing....his Carrots!



If it seems like I have been MIA from my blog you are right.

Those 2 nights of sleeping all night..were just that.. 2 nights out of the last 3 months.

And it seems it is getting worse! He slept so good for the first 2 months (even though it didn't seem like it at the time)

How long can a person go without sleep?

I guess I'll find out!

Just hang in there with me..the next couple of months I may be missing again with getting ready to move..but even though you may not hear from me..I'm still here!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

600 Sales!

Wow ..thanks to everyone that helped me get there!
Now on to 700!

As I was taking pictures of this bracelet..the Blackbird song by the Beatles kept playing in my head..hence the name!


And now....


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pass the sweet potatos please!

and Carrots and Squash!
He loved Carrots the best I think..I told him Bug Bunny eats them..that must have done it!
(And from one mommy to another)
Isn't it funny how it looks exactly the same when it comes out...LOL

Chris calls him Jack Frost in this outfit!But I call him my little prince!
Nose Spray update..
I am off of it completely!
and I suspect getting off heroin would be harder ..I changed my opinion on this now that it is over.
The first day and night was very very rough, my nose completely locked up on both sides..I told Chris that if I should happen to be kidnapped and gagged to please get on national TV and beg the kidnappers to spray some up my nose so I would not suffocate! LOL
I am still using the breathe right strip things but only at night..
And stinker butt seems to be sleeping not sure if it was the nose spray juicing him up or its the addition of solid foods.
But either way it seems hopeful..thank goodness because I was almost at the end of my rope..feeling really weary getting up 3 to 4 times a night.
Now his routine seems to bed by 8:30..up at 3:30 to nurse then sleep from 4:00 to 6 or 7:30..not bad eh?!
And this weekend was the first time I got to get my hands dirty working on our house..I have been so involved (to say the least) in all our past new builds and remodels that is feels strange to not work especially on the house we will probably stay in for a long time.
But I look at my little guy and feel content just letting things go..they will be the way I want them in all due time.
I'm going to enjoy him as much as I can..after all he is already over 5 months old!

~~~ now...
Here are the new jewlery listings!

"Autumn Sunset"
"Old Oak Tree"

I sit in bed sometimes and wire wrap these bracelets as we watch TV since Carter has been going to bed so early.
And I asked Chris if he saw how blue the sky was that day..and I said that in fact I was going to name this bracelet "Blue October Sky".
He got kind of quiet and looked over at the bracelet and know they call it "Blue Bird Sky" when its really blue and not a cloud in hunters say it alot.
Well the man named my bracelet and didn't even realize it!
All the times I've ask him.."what would you name this?" He rolls his eyes and says "I have no idea" or rolls his eyes when I hold a piece up and declare it's name..LOL
I now know how to work him on this!
Maybe he will be naming more..(doubt it)
anyway..its a pretty bracelet!
"Fluted Flowers"
"Forget Me Not Fairy"