Monday, December 17, 2007

Let it Snow..Let it Snow...Let it Snow!

" Lotus Blossoms"
...gone but I will be making more, also a matching necklace!

"Pearls and a Poppy"

"Roayl Majesty"

"Vintage Stars"


The weather outside is frightful..but the jewerly biz is so delightful!

What a busy weekend on Etsy..I love it!

Thanks to the Rare Bird Finds Blog..."Urban Oasis" is gone...and I think I had a record for sales today ! Gotta love Christmas shoppers!

Handmade jewelry does make a great gift..I would love to get it. And I have had 3 guys buy things this weekend...I think that is amazing that they found their way to and around Etsy!

My secret personal goal when I started selling in August on Etsy was 100 sales by the end of the year...and I so pleased to be close at 93!
Thank You!

Who knows, maybe it will happen :)

~I have some new ring sizes available now too..size 8 and 9.

I have plenty of Swarovski Snowflake Pendants now too in case you were thinking of them as last minute gifts...I'm listing the newest one tomorrow...the AB (irridecsent) finish makes them so so sparkly!

I am into all the snowflake stuff now but I'm already thinking of spring jewerlry..hmmm, what will I make?!

Here are some pics of new things..some are already gone but they are fun to look at none the less!

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Sharla said...

Love the Vintage Stars!