Friday, June 29, 2007

Caramel Flower is back!

In case you missed it the first time!

This one went so fast and it was one of my favorites, so here is an encore presentation!

"Caramel Flower" $26

46mm Shell Sunflower Pendant. Mother of Pearl and Caramel Swirled Czech beads, with round wood beads.

Sterling Silver accents.


~I'm starting to work on bracelets... trying to put together some unique baubles for you to gaze down at!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"4th of July" Bracelets!

Here is all the red, white and blue I can squeeze out of my

creative and (love muted colors) soul!..

I tried to make them traditional but a little big fun & funky.

I'm not a real "themed" person but I had to do a little something for the 4th!

I'd just rather sit down at my bead table not knowing what will unfold..seeing what is created is so exciting!

I think I am going to TRY to give necklaces a rest (for now)..maybe...

I would like add some bracelets to my jewelry cabinet... They are kind of difficult ..I struggle with trying to make them fit everyone..

So...just a quick survey...

What size do you wear?...

Do you like them snug or dangly?

Toggles or Adjustable Clasps? (lobster, spring or hook)

Please drop me a comment at the bottom of this post and let me know so I can make what suits your needs!


"USA Bling" $13

A Toggle and coordinating flag finish off this bright and flashy bracelet!

"Flip Flop Pride" $12

Tri corner red firepolished beads with royal blue rondell beads. They are clear and colorful.
A sparkling flip flop dangles from the bold clasp.

"Stars & Stripes" $20 SOLD!

"Red, Blue & Silver" $25 sale $20

This bracelet features and Bali Silver "Star"fish and a Sterling Silver figure 8 clasp.

"USA" $12

Unique Toggle with lots of cute charms (click on to enlarge) Beads are bright and bold!

"Lady Liberty" $10

Do you love Christmas but you don't decorate with Green & Red?...

Ever wear black on Valentines Day?...

Don't want to be predictable on the 4th?

Well... then you may appreciate my interpretation of a "4th of July" bracelet!...

To me I see this copper and green as the patina on Lady Liberty!

But then again...I think I would be a bigger fan if the Buckeyes had different colors...

sorry that's just me!

All bracelets are around 7-8" but can be custom sized!

Monday, June 25, 2007

~Funky Flower~

"Funky Flower" $23

43mm Mother Of Pearl Shell pendant.

Topaz & Teal Swirly square beads. Tiger Ebony wood hoops and small round wood beads. Picasso turquoise czech and mother of pearl beads dot along this daring and funky necklace! 18'-20"

Earrings $10 w/ necklace

~Flower Power~

"Paintbrush Flower" $27

$10 w/ necklace


"Cocoa Flower" $23
$10 w/ necklace


"Leopard Flower" $25

$10 w/ necklace


"Sand & Sea Flower" $26 SOLD!

$10 w/ necklace SOLD!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Here are some Teardrop necklaces...and maybe some real teardrops because it is Friday...But you can look forward to Monday... maybe the wet tears will make some "flowers" (hint-hint) pop up!

"Etched Flower" $23 Sold

An etched flower pendant 40x50mm, with wood twists in bone & wood. Bits of matching shell in between. Sterling Silver findings.

A chunky feminine necklace! 18"-20"

"Green Tea" $22

A Tree Agate pendant 30x50mm hangs below chunky emerald green beads with a stone like edge. Mother of pearl and tiny wood beads make up this fresh necklace.


"Low Tide" $23 Sold

45x63mm Brownlip Shell pendant. White 3 sided shell beads, with Ocean Jasper and bits of Brownlip Shell in between. Oxidized Sterling Silver Paperclip Chain.


"Tortoise Shell" $21 SOLD!

30x38mm wood inlaid pendant. Textured Antique Gold chain handwrapped with tiny tortoise beads and Black Swan Rondells.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(This is not a "teardrop" but I threw it in anyway!)

"Mossy Stone" $22 Sold

A 28x33mm Coffee Quartz faceted rectangle pendant. Coffee oval faceted beads and moss colored Ocean Jasper sit along Antique gold chain that is textured.


Stones look like frozen coffee!

Any necklace can be lengthen or shortened...just let me know!

Thanks to "Kim and the Zaney Girls"!

Have a great weekend!

"Sea Breeze"

Here is a necklace that sums up the day!..
(...minus the sea)
"Sea Breeze" $24 sold
This necklace feature a white mosaic shell pendant 20x 24mm.
White mother of pearl shells dance along along light reflecting sea green hexagon beads. Bits of wood add earthy elegance.
Sterling Silver accents

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Old Stuff

No, I didn't make all these last night!... I thought I would show off some of my past work.
Some of you may even have these in your jewelry box!

Truth is, I didn't have a chance to make anything day job is really getting in my way!

But..I have several necklaces laid out on my bead board waiting to be strung, so that is my plan for today!

You may want to check in never know.

But I wanted to have something new for those of you that look at my blog everyday..I know I have some favorite blogs...just me and my coffee every morning I look forward to it...I hope you do too!

~Summer Earrings~

A sneak preview of a "4th of July" bracelet~ More to come!

"Red, Silver & Blue" $25


Summer Earrings
$14 ea