Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cereal, House and Jewelry

Lots and Lots of things going on in our lives!

First the cutie pie pictures...;)

Carter had his 4 month check up a week late because the big wind storm knocked out the power at the Dr's office.

He is 14.6 lbs (in the 50% range)

and 26" long (90% range)

So he is tall and thin! (on paper anyway!) haha!

We got the green light for cereal so this is actually the second feeding and he likes it..he wears most of it but he likes it!

ummm ummm good!
And this is the latest on our house ..

The outside is shaping up...
But this is the inside..not so good! We are at the hardest close yet so very far..
Tons of finish work yet to be done..but the great news is the new owners of our home now gave us another month to stay so we have until the end of November to get our new house done :) That will help..

Kitchen cabinets are in now..yea it looks good to see some progress!


I have been busy doing lots of custom are a few of them

"Caramel Daisy"
"WonderFALL Earrings"
"Turquoise Lotus"
"White Owl" "Emerald Owl"

And ending with another cutie pie picture!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Butterfly and an Owl

I am loving how these charming little charm bracelets are turning out!
I have many more designs to come to check back often!
(you never know what you might find new each day)

New Picasso Earrings, Buckeyes and Chocolate Tea

Here are my newest listings ..lots of new earrings..I love the Picasso effects and was thrilled to find many new colors in them!
My one and only sports necklace..I'm not a big fan of sports but I loved this pendant so much I had to design something for it!
I also have Ohio State bracelets if any of you buckeyes are interested!
I made them last year until the morning sickness kicked in and then I was done for while :(
This is what they look like:

"Football Girl"

"Chocolate Tea"
I love this of my new favorites!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baby & Bracelets!

It seems Carter is growing and doing new things by the hour..he is getting so strong pushing his chest off the floor and able to roll over (with a little help) working on untucking his arm..and he is getting it out from under him some of the time :)
His brand new thing is ..and I hope to get a picture of it sticking his tongue out and making the sticking out your tongue noise!
I know some day I will scold him for it..but now its cute as can be!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Wow what a wind storm!
And here is the weird thing..we left in the mid afternoon just when the strong winds were starting and Chris' truck was parked in the driveway ...we were pulling out in my jeep and we debated on stopping and pulling his truck in..well we did and when we came home to this we could not believe it! That is right where it was parked!
So we were one of the lucky few to not lose our power...until yesterday afternoon, (the storm was sunday)
What a pain!
Chris borrowed a generator off a friend and we were able to plug in our fridge and a few things.
But we put Carter in our room in his pack n play..needless to say none of got any sleep!
So today is catch up day again..I'm dragging and Carter is grumpy but napping!
( I know sleep when the baby sleeps...I think a man must have created that saying!)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

4 Months Old Today!

4 months old today and here he his birthday suit!
Just in time for the autumn could wear this from now until Thanksgiving~
And I made this custom requested necklace to go with the

"Big Blue Owl"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Requests anyone?

I have had quite a few requests for these charming little charm bracelets!
Here are a few I just finished!


And I made a bracelet to go with the earrings I had don't be afraid to ask..if I can do it..I will!

"Tainted Love Bracelet"

"Tainted Love Earrings"

Monday, September 8, 2008

Earthy Oasis

I love this has earthy artsiness but also a bit of bling!

This is my little breakfast nook, I thought you might like to see where Carter and I try to wake up!

As you can see my big mug of coffee is close by and I am usually working on or as on this morning ...taking pictures of my jewelry!
The Limelight Hydrangeas outside the window caught Carter's eye blowing in the wind..They are finally big this year ...enough to be seen inside and of course we are moving!
But I always say when it's time to dust the's time to move!

Then we moved was a cool pleasant morning and we both enjoyed it!

I guess you could say this is MY earthy oasis!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Savings!

Get up from your Sunday nap and take advantage of this offer!


~On 2 or more items~

If you have had your eye on some you will some money!

Just send me a quick convo to let me know what you are interested in and I will do a reserved listing for you with without shipping costs!

~offer ends at midnight eastern standard time~
*Click on Carter's picture to start shopping!*

Now go back to sleep! Haha!
Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


One year ago today that is!


Did I make your jaw drop?!

I remember the day very well..I went to Columbus and stopped at a bead store on my way home..But first I went into a drug store to get some gum and remembered I had to buy a test because I had been having some pain and my doctor would not see me until I ruled out pregnancy.

I thought they were nuts...that was the very last thought in my mind especially after all these years and negative tests.

But I bought one just to get an appointment...well the rest is history, (and the pain was my uterus stretching) it took me and Chris about an hour to finally realize and accept that that is indeed a "PLUS" looks so clear now!

And what a plus it turned out to be!

~These little charm bracelets are turning out to be a hit..I have a few more to make but I am waiting on a shipment of Sterling Wire~

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chic Czech Catfish

I'm on a bracelet kick it seems! Here is the newest one..I really love how is turned out!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

500 Sales!

I finally made it..500 Sales!
It took me 14 months but I did it!
500 sure seemed a long way off when you open your shop and have a big fat ZERO siting there!
My first sale was to a girl in the United Kingdom and since then I have sent packages of jewelry goodies all over the world!
I am amazed at who reads my blog...people in countries I have never heard of..and had conversations with truly nice, helpful and complimenting people..local and afar.
Thank you to everyone that reads my blog and collects my creations!

I walked in Carter's room this morning and he was sitting up in his crib!...
just kidding!
Of course he is too young for that..but he is 16 weeks old today! Not officially 4 months until the 13th but close enough
(the week to month thing is wacky)

He really does smile alot now but you would never know it from the pictures I post..I think he is trying to figure out why mommy holds a big black thing in front of her face and acts like a fool!