Friday, December 28, 2007

Another day making jewelry

As you may have noticed I added a Picture of myself to my blog and avatar on Esty. Some people I email with would like to see who I there I am!
It was taken by a customer at my salon as I am blow drying...gee it looks fun huh?! I said I have been busy lately so here are a few of my latest...If it wasn't so dreary in Ohio I'd have better pictures ...and if it wasn't dark right now I could photograph and list what I made today!
Oh well, the sun will come up tomorrow..(and hide behind the Ohio clouds..:)

"Organic Flower"
I really like this necklace..the new jade is light enough to go with a lot of clothes.

"Rock the Casbah"

I have made several of these and this has a few different gems in it..but its showy none the less!

"Lady in Waiting"

I think this lady has a story to tell, I love the way she looks so vulnerable.

"Vintage Sparkle Bar"

This is a good example of a dreary day taking pictures..its really much prettier in person!

I bought a bunch of vintage do- dads awhile back from one of my hair clients...this is one of them, it was a pin. I love old stuff!

"Be True"
This is by far the most requested pendant that I have sold in my salon...of course now that I have more on will sit...well lets hope not.


I don't know if anyone would remember (I know one person will;)

But I made this necklace once and a client at my salon wanted the necklace without the pendant for a I finally got around to making another one...I think its so fresh!

"Destin Butterfly"

I asked my husband what he thought I should name this bracelet..and let me tell you he loves when I do that (he sighs..and says I have no idea)

But he immediately said Destin Butterfly...its not secret we love Destin Florida...and its true when I look at this bracelet it looks like the aqua waters of Destin!

"Gypsy Girl"

These should be called Gypsy Girl 2 ...I lost one of the original I had to improvise, these are Gypsies younger sister!

"Look into my Crystal Ball"

Now this is a picture I'm proud of..maybe I'm the only one..but I love the way it turned out!

It looks magical!

The pendant is stunning...more green in person! Actually if I would have asked my husband he would have said...Destin Water!

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