Monday, September 24, 2007

50 items SOLD!!!!

I'm in 2 more treasuries today, but I'm not going to post them anymore, I'll just tell you the title and if you want to look, you can! Just go to the front page of etsy, then click on Treasury and you can look for these titles!
*My top picks
*Turquoise and Steel
I'm so gratefull that my little boutique is finally getting noticed..and today I hit 50 sales on ETSY!
When I first started there I remember thinking would I ever get to 10?!
And it's a good sign for me..home with morning sickness or mourning sickness as I think of it. Not being able to work for a week..I can at least make a piece now and then and send orders out. Nothing is as motivating as that!
Thanks to everyone for their support :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

a hint of blue

Well I'm back...not sure if anyone missed me or not! But I was extremly sick with morning sickness, day and night and didn't think I'd be back this soon. You may have noticed I closed my etsy site for a few days. I'm taking baby steps (haha) but I couldn't stay away from my passion to make jewelry!
Here is the latest treasury I'm in, I'm always amazed when I see I'm in one! It's nice to know I'm finally getting noticed! (especially this week) :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

3 new Treasuries

Just thought I'd show the lastest treasuries!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Getting into Fall!

I made a few more pieces finally, these rings have been Hot, Hot, Hot!
I made the first one on a whim...not knowing what the response would be... Now I will be ordering more, mainly in size 6 and 7 ( I 'm noticing that is the most poplular) so if you are interested in one for the future and need a unique size... please email me and I will make sure I put it on my order!
Also if you have an idea for one, like a lady had for the "Vintage Romance Pearl" ring below I can do that to..favorite colors etc.
I will be doing Buckeye rings, they will have small swarovski crystal and a tiny little polymer clay buckeye in the middle!
"Fall Berries"

"Green Garnet Garden" sold

"Vintage Romance Pearl Ring" Sold~ Custom order

"Bohemian Rapsody"

"Urban Oasis"

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

3 more treasuries!

I'm in 3 more treasuries!
I finally figured out how to post the picture of the treasury and not the link, when the treasury expires, so does the link.
Can you find me in each one?
Thanks to kellybot for helping me!

"I'm all wired up"


"Twirls and Swirls"

Monday, September 3, 2007

Buckeye Earrings

As a special request I made some buckeye earrings,the buckeyes are made from clay!
She is going to choose between these two, the one left will be available...I'll let you know which one!
And another custom ankle braclet!
Hope you had a good weekend!!
"Old World Buckeyes" Sold

"Bright & Shiny Buckeyes"

"Gold Sparkle Rings" (ankle bracelet) Sold

Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'm in a Treasury!

I'm so excited!
Someone put my new ring in a Treasury on ETSY!
I posted the link but I took it out because that treasury expired before I could figure out how to post a picture of the whole page. But here is the ring that was featured!

"Green Garnet, Flourite and Labordorite" Sold

"Old Hollywood" Sold

"Soda Bottle Glass Ring" Sold

I tried my hand at a wirewrapped ring...I think it turned out pretty cute!

"Crowned Princess"

"Amazonite, Chinese Turquoise and Larmar"
"Copper Chain Rain"

"Marble and Whimsical Flower"

This is MY pride and joy only because it was so much work! I made the pendant from silver clay and wirewrapped each Howlite bead. But I don't love it enough to keep it! haha

'Turquoise Swirls and Silver Hoops" Sold

"Vintage Earth Stars"

"Pink Godess"

"Peace Stone Flowers"