Friday, March 28, 2008


I'm off to beautiful Destin Florida!
I leave you with some pictures of last year!
See you in a week!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

300 Sales!

Wow !!! I never ever thought I would reach that number on Etsy..I remember waiting and hoping to see 10! And that was last July..I sold a lot of things in my hair salon, but there is something about seeing the number go up on Etsy!
Thanks to everyone that has helped me get to that number and I'm looking towards 400!
Kathy from Passion Knit Bags was the 300th..check out her store and website, there is some serious knitting going on there!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lots of Earrings, Preggo Update and Sneak Preview!

If you have been she is earring crazy lately! You are right!
But it is the result of acid reflux and this crazy insane itching at night! I can't go to bed, I can't even sit for very long. But it seems if I keep my hands and mind busy it helps!
I had a doctor appt. today and he gave me Zyrtec for the itching...more Priolsec for the acid reflux and oh I forgot to mention my craving or more like obscession with ice chips... He checked my blood work and with all the craziness of the kidney thing going on last was over looked that I am slightly anemic. And ice crunching is a hopefully that will take care of that before I grind all my teeth down!
So know what iron does.........
yes, thats right so now I have Mira Lax added to my daily drinks!
I have never taken to many pills and things in my life!
Other than that..everything is going great..Carter's heartrate is perfect and he is doing some moves that make my tummy look like a roller coaster!
Oh and speaking of that..many of you have commented on that I don't look very big..well my doctor brought that up today...I am measuring right on schedule
but he said that since its my first and my stomach muscles were tight (all those situps..yea right)
that the baby is going "up" instead of "out"! So that is why I have acid reflux and the labored breathing. He showed me that my uterus is actually in the center of my chest!
No wonder!!!
Oh on another note..those who know me personally know about my teeny tiny arms..
Well I had a RH shot today (because I am O negative and Chris is positive)
the nurse commented on my tiny arms...(see I still have them!) I told you all I could gain 300 lbs and still have them! Well 40 and counting!
My doctor said yes thats because of your small frame.."you gained it all in your breast and hips"!
Gee thanks Doc..thanks for calling that one out!
So thats the latest!!!
And here are my latest creations along with 2 sneak previews!

" Copper and Creamcicle Locket"

"Pretty Tears"

"Spring Fling Hoops"

"Copper Crazy Lace"

"Key Lime and Black Jellyfish"
"Sand and Sea Hoops"
"Vintage Earth Hoops"
"Tuscon Olive Hoops"

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Chris, Leslie, Baby Carter, Romeo and Fido!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Featured on Dharmadesigns blog!

~Not much new to report here..I'm "sort of" taking a day off from Etsy but Check out this nice interview/article on dharmadesigns blog!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Enter a Contest to Win a Ring and T-Shirt!

Enter the give away to win one of my rings and a T-Shirt from Delicious Tees!

"Gold Filigrees and Green Peekaboos"
"Sunflower and the Honey Bee"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sorry so absent!!!

Boy have I been busy ..hence the lack of posting!
I've had some custom orders on Etsy and also locally. It was good to see some of my hair/jewelry clients!
Some of you that live locally have had the question of how do I buy and where do I pick it up ?
1. Sign up onEtsy..its very easy and free
2. And if you want to pay with a credit or debit card, sign up for PayPal, its the safest way to shop online!
3. Buy your item(s) on Etsy
4. Select "money order" if you are paying cash or check to me at pick up
5. You can pick up the item(s) at my house and see all the jewelry in person!
Now the confusing part..if you are paying with "PayPal" email me first to let me know what you would like to buy. I will do a reserved listing for you and I will take off the shipping cost. Then you can purchase and pay.
If you select "money order" you do not have to email me first, shipping is not added.
It sounds complicated but actually Esty is very easy to buy from!
So here are a few custom orders I'll show off~
This is "Ocean Blue" but done a bit different per the customers wishes...I really like how it turned out so who knows this may be the next new style for the Crystals!
These next 2 are for Jewelry Jenny's sister! She gave me these Swarovski Crystals like 100 years ago..I finally made something from them!
Pretty in Pink!


Here are my new listings!

I've been staying up late to get past the acid reflux that hits me at night..not to mention the itching that drives me and every man and beast in the house crazy!

So instead of tossing and turning and trying to sleep propped up...I just head downstairs to my bead haven and make jewelry and eat ice chips (my craving) until I get tired enough to pass out !

Earrings are great to do in this state night you might be seeing lots of them!

"Ring around the Posey" version
"Ring around the Posey" version
~I love these stretchy bracelets, they are so comfortable!

"Picasso Daggers and Silver Hoops"

A new twist on the ever popular "Picasso Daggers and Gold Hoops"
For those die hard silver lovers out there!

"Urban Boxwood"

Another variation on a favorite..the Silver framed Wood is a square this time instead of the rectangle. And these are the hard to get pieces too. ..always out of stock. I've had this one in my stash for while...

"Le petite Green Garnet Flower"

Love Love Green Garnets!

I actually misread the millimeter size when I ordered it, so yo can imagine my surprise when I opened the shipment and saw this petite little thing!

But it was a good mistake because this necklace is so delicate mom would have loved this one!

"Crystal Fire"

A new color!

"Crystal Amber"

Another new color!

"Stained Glass Hoops"

They look like shards of stained glass!

"Caribbean Dangles"

Notice a beach them going on here?! I think I have cabin fever!

"It Girl"
Another one of those hard to get Wood pieces!

"Turquoise and Rootbeer"

Well that's what the colors reminded me of! Hey you try to name all these creations!

"Pixie Pearls"

Same great ring band!

A bit more fancier and very comfortable..its not adjustable like the be sure of your size before you order.

These are limited..I'm tying them out to see if they do as well as the others.

More Octopus's !

"Eclectic Bouquet"
So ready for spring!

"Dragonfly and the Lotus Flower"

More hints of spring!


The "goes with everything" Octopus!

These are my personal favorite earrings..I love the color combination!

Tomorrow I am going to be featured in a "Blog GiveAway" and another blog is featuring a little article about me and my jewelry!

If you want to jump start and enter the contest before I can get a chance to post here is the link:

Talk to you tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CatTails and Nursery Rhymes!

Today we made BIG progress in the baby room!
And this is Fido (one of our cats) checking things out under the crib!

We have been teasing and talking like what the cats are saying about all this craziness going on in the house. At one point there were so many boxes..BIG boxes in the house you could barely get around! And Fido keeps walking in the room and looking around with a disgusted look on his face! (yes cats have see it if you live with them long enough)

Romeo could care less..he is so easy going, has long as his food bowl is topped off he is happy!

We were putting the bed together and I heard the UPS truck pull in the driveway...perfect timing he had the rest of the baby things..curtains..lamp..moblie etc..

And let me say one thing...getting a sheet on that mattress and back in the quite a workout! Not to mention the whole bumper contraption!

Of course I did all that and forgot to put on the mattress pad! So I had to wrangle with everything all over again!

I am not changing that thing any more than I have too!

Now I know you seasoned mom's are laughing at me out there..I know you have your little secrets!

I will figure them out soon enough I'm sure (psss...but if anyone would like to show off and tell me.....)

But anyway I still have a few more things..I'm waiting on a rocker I ordered and I need to get some curtain no "reveal" yet! :)

See thats my revenge for all you think you know it all mommies! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baby Crib, Baby Golfer, and Baby Birds

Here is my latest pregnancy health update for all my hair clients~ I've had a couple of emails from people that just got news of my kidney thing..well its a miracle but the pain slowly started going away and now its completely gone! They really didn't know for sure what the problem was since I couldn't have a lot of the tests needed. They just made an educated guess so maybe it was the "hydrureter" or maybe it was a kidney stone. My doctor did say if it was the hydro thing that the pain would only get worse because of the baby growing but maybe he moved off the nerves he was on..I don't know but all I can say is I'M GLAD!
I have too much I want to do...
We are getting closer to getting his room done. We picked up his crib and dresser at Babies R Us today and registered. ( for things we know nothing about) ha-ha
And a client couple of mine gave us a gift card so of course we HAD to buy SOMETHING :)
And since his daddy is an awesome golfer as many of you know..he will be destined to be a golfer here his his very first golf outfit!

This one was just too cute to pass up, they only had 6-9 mo. or 12 mo. size so we got the 12 mo. for next spring when he is 1 year old!
This can be his birthday party outfit or good for a day at the Muirfield Memorial Tournament!
Look at the cute hat to protect him from the sun..oh wait it is Ohio and it is Murfield..I'm meant protect him from the rain!!

And as I put his clothes in his new closet organizer I had forgot about this little onesie I had made at Christmas for daddy...
His youngest crew member!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ on to the girlie stuff!
"Blue Bird Swooping"
With the bird rage in full swing I felt I should make yet another one..and I really love the way this one feels and looks when its on. Its on my personal fav list!

"Blue Bird Earrings"


"Blue Love Birds"
And some earrings to match if you like!

This is a custom necklace I made for the gal that bought the big wholesale order!
She is going to feature some of my creations on her website so I will pass that along when it happens.
Another custom piece I made for someone, they are giving it as a gift to a friend!
PMC (precious metal clay) is very time consuming and messy! The rolling out of the clay, cutting out , stamping, drying,sanding, firing, oxidizing, buffing. But when its all done its something I'm very proud of because I made it form scratch!
I have another pendant I made when I did this batch...
it turned out really nice and I can't wait to design a necklace around it!

Friday, March 7, 2008


This is what is looked my backyard looked like today in Ohio..yes its March but Ohio has no weather rules!
We got at least 4 inches with 8 -12 more expected tomorrow!
The weather may have been bad outside but it was great on ETSY........

What an exciting time it has been on Etsy for me! Today my "Blue Bird Nest" necklace was in a treasury that was featured on the front page! I have been hoping I would someday get the front and WOW what traffic it draws to your store! As of right now this necklace has 1214 views and 65 hearts! And the ironic thing still has not sold!
I think people don't want to buy what is featured for fear of taking the picture away..but this is the fourth one like this I have made...and I can make more! So don't be afraid to buy it!
As an added bonus it is also in an article on the STORQUE~
Check it out!

"Love is Jealous"
I have been trying to get this pendant since before Valentines Day but it has been out of stock..I finally got my hands on one and I love it even more in person..I didn't want to over shadow the lovely design so I simply attached a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal in Olive Green and slide it onto a Silk Ribbon in Espresso Brown!
This style also comes in some other sayings..FAITH, HOPE, PEACE and JOY!
If some of you are wondering what happend to most of my inventory, well I had a huge wholesale order jewerly will soon be in a store in NYC!
This little front page boost also gave me an extra 75 hearts to my store...
And I received an nice email today from a customer that added my blog to her blog today~
Thank you Allyson!
With all this new exposure... if you see something you want...grab it up cause you never know when someone else will!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baby Bumps, Birds and Tees

"Blue Bird Nest"

I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone..( haha ) my current obscession with Tee shirts from Etsy and the lastest pics of my baby bump for all my hair clients that haven't seen me in awhile!

Since I am not working now and busy with my jewerly..its just so easy to do shopping on Etsy and with all the great artisans you are sure to have a unique design!

This one is from I love the turquoise and lime green against the brown!

A peek inside LesChic jewelry cabinet!

The last 2 are from cute little birds which is soooooo Etsy ...I had to have one! She is having a buy one get one free sale on all the long sleeves. Not that I'm advertising these as maternity wear but I'm glad I can still stretch it over all my bumps and bulges!

Ok enough pics of me for awhile...:)