Thursday, December 13, 2007

November and December Listings

I have a bunch of new stuff that I have posted today. I have been neglecting my blog BUT I have been creating again. Some of these are already sold but I like to show them off anyway!
The Swarovski Snowflake is beautiful, its great to wear all winter long...So more of those are coming, the Icicle Earrings make it a great set!
WEll I'm in my 19th week of Pregnancy and all is going well! We had a 4-D ultrasound and we are having a boy! I'm now feeling him wiggle...its so weird, yet so normal..haha
It's very exciting and its wonderful to finally be over the morning..noon and night sickness!
Being away from my jewelry has given me a renewed sense of excitment to create again. For so long I couldn't even look at my bead room, I'm not sure why...but I've since moved it to a cozy corner of my family room downstairs ...I love it. ( bead room will soon be wigglebutt's room) And I
I bought new organizers for all the jewerly related items...i love the new feeling of organization it really helps free the mind to be creative!
Enjoy looking at these..and I'll try to post more often!

It Girl

Swarovski Snowflake
The Brownstone
Winter Storm

Sticks and Stones

Frilly Pearls

Crystal Ballroom

Green Garnet and a Pearl

Malachite Chic

Double Martini Dangles

Pretty Little Kitty

Copper and Patina

Winter White

Brown Lab

Beads and Bamboo

Amythest, Green Garnet Flower Garden

Copper and Turquoise Chandeliers

Paris Nights

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