Wednesday, April 29, 2009

800 sales!!!

Thanks to it went from 700 to 800 really fast it seems! March 11 - April 29 not too shabby! I think the first 100 was the hardest ..I never thought I'd see three digits and now I'm dreaming of four !
Friday we leave for vacation, Destin Florida!..I have to keep calming myself down and try not to get overwhelmed takes a bit more planning with an 11 month old. Lots more to take and think about.
Last year we managed to make the trip with my big old belly..I was over 8 months and it was a really hard trip..I had so much trouble breathing and the acid reflux was out of control! But like every experience I'm glad we did it..with what was coming we needed to get away and get refreshed and prepared:)
We are looking forward to seeing little man on the beach and eating at the open air restaurants..and once again I still can't eat seafood now because of Salmon and Grouper it is..but look out next year..I'm going to od on Oysters!
So as for ordering off my site..I will try to fill any orders placed until tomorrow night..but after May 1st even though I decided to keep my store open I will not of course be able to ship out until about May 12th.
I'm going to take my laptop for emails..maybe I'll post an update here..we will see how good the connection is!
See you when we get back...I'm sure I'll have lots of cute little boy pictures to share!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Doorman!

If there is a door ..Carter is there!

We play the ..knock knock thing all the never gets old!

Hello..whos there?!

Open..Close..Open.. Close

Throwing a "Hahn-sie" cause he had to stop!

Chris has been walking back in the woods looking for mushrooms..last night he found one..tonight he found 2 plus a turtle!

Don't worry we didn't have turtle and mushroom soup!

He loves to get his hands on my latest creation...for a minute or 2 anyway..then it gets ugly taking it away..;)

Wagon time!

Bath time!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Whole Lotta Pretties!

I spent the last few days getting a wholesale order together..These are some new necklaces I made..I wire wrapped like a nut!
I thought I would how how pretty it all looks layed out before I sent it off!
These lovlies are gone...but not forgotten :)

~ my new FAV! I LOVE these pendants..
I have a few more coming soon!

Sugar Plum

Hoop La

Custom Request for a gift

Monday, April 20, 2009

Elephant Rings!

Its not often that I get to see my jewelry on the I thought it was so cute to see my Black Onyx Rose Ring on the little girl that owns it now! I love her expression so looks so proud!

Her mom of "Circlelinestudio"and I did a trade..she has a great store full of cool wall decals. I got some elephants for Carter's playroom!

I'm in the process of painting stripes in his imagine them done and imagine the elephants on the walls!

I'll update when its done..and by the looks of the weather forcast this week I will be working on it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Newark Advocate

I'm so excited to be featured in my local newspaper about local Etsy sellers!

Here are some pics of my latest listings~

Mossy Mermaid
(not listed yet)
New new stones for my wire wrapped rings!

Monday, April 13, 2009

11 Months Old Today!

Big Boy is not scared of the camera anymore!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Not so sure about the Easter Bunny yet..(this was last week)

Yea!..the Easter Bunny came last night!

The foil on the egg fastinated him the most!

Holding an Egg we colored the night before..
right before he watched it drop to the floor!

Looking at his "Peeps"
( I know babies can't eat them I guess guess we will have too!)

Now he LOVES him!
When we ate lunch at Champs..the Easter Bunny came right up to him and they took this picture for us!
He loved him and didn't take his eyes off him the whole time we were there!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My work area.. is one of the rooms I have been working on in my jewerly loft!
When we were picking out house plans for our "forever" house I knew I had to have an area for my jewelry making. And also someday a place for Carter and I to draw and craft as long as he desires..Art and creativity has always been essential in my life (I was the kid who took art class all thru school even if it wasn't cool)
So here is the before picture...
and here is the after thanks to Big Mama Nebraska that I found on Etsy. I wanted a skirt for my craft table so I put a request out on the Alchemy
and I had many bids..I picked the one I thought would work for me. It was so easy and she did a super job I could not be more pleased. I have a matching window valance but its not up many things in my house I can't just finish one room and move on..I jump around so nothing is ever finished..I think there is a name for that but we won't go there!
Ok..some new earrings I am so excited about!
I love them so much because they are so me.. exactly I would wear!
Also I love the simple design..they are perfect for me to make with the limited time I have these days.
And Carter like to hold the hammer when I'm not using it..and looks at his crazy mama as she pounds away on the keeps him occupied for awhile so its a win win situation for all of us!
I will be making more of these..if you like them but would like a particular color or Bead style ..just contact me thru my Etsy page and I will do my best come up with a one of a kind for you!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is spring ever coming to stay?!

My favorite Canadian Friend Lori Murphy aka Jewllori

sends out a Newsletter every so often.. and my little Carter couldn't wait to see what her newest addition Evan has been up to!

Mom I won't tear it up and eat it..I promise (yea right)


Here is the current construction stage of what my husband calls Leslies Taco Stand!

(good idea Lora! Thanks!)

I have been talking Carter on walks (on days when it decides to not be winter)

and we have a new little colt that was born over the winter! It was such a surprise to see it emerge from the barn!

Its mama is gray and white speckled..the daddy was brown like the little one..don't see him anymore..guess his job is done! (just like humans..haha just kidding) (not really;p

Its such a pretty little horse farm..we can see it from our house. I hope to get some really close up pictures one of these days.