Friday, December 28, 2007

In the Zone!

I have been designing, creating, photographing, editing, describing, listing,ordering, shipping, emailing...whew! What a vacation...but I'm doing exactly what is making me happy!
I have so many new things and so many ideas layed out on my bead table, I wish I could just work and work until its all done! But the creative mind is never done is it?! Here are just a few of my latest...
"Indian Snowflakes"
This is one of my all time favorites... I made myself one and I wore it Christmas Eve along with the "Bohemian Rhapsody" necklace and the "Swirled Bohemian Hoop" looked great paired with a long brown sweater dress!
I'll try to post a picture sometime.

"Lasso a Star"

Came up with this idea playing around with a leftover piece of Sterling Silver Wire...and it turned into something unique!

"Silver Wings"

I love the "no color" look..goes with every color!

"Bermuda Blue"

Didn't last long...I sold one earlier this month in my salon, and it didn't even make it off my desk and into the display cabinet!

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