Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sneak Preview!

Once again here is my Fido getting in the middle of things!

I didn't mean for them to match but it ended up being a very cute set!

"Denim Flower"

Very simple..very chic, I love the simplicity of it!

"Winter Blues"

I hope it doesn't sound too depressing but the gray and blue Labordorite Stones remind me of Winter Sky.

I really love this Wood Rectangle framed in Silver...and darn my supplier has been "out of stock" for a while now. I used the same style in these lovlies~

"Urban Boxwood"

"Rusty Labordorite"

"Brown lab"

"It Girl"

Here is a sneak preview of what is soon to be listed!


"Green Turquoise Flower"

I had the heardest time getting a good pic of this necklace...the green turquoise beads are so rich in person. Well hopefully someone will have faith in my description!

"Turquoise Suspended"

Same pretty beads, although this is a not so bad pic.

"Big Hoops Big Dreams"

I must admit, I have had this pendant for a long time. I kind of misjudged the size. But I do love how it turned out! Again the colors just compliment eachother so well!


One of my favorite pendants..won't hurt my feelings if it doesn't sell!


Field Notes said...

Splash is gorgeous! Wow. You really photographed it beautifully too.

Katie Lyn said...

Fido is adorable!!!