Friday, August 6, 2010

A Day at Dawes

Not much jewelry making going on these days...just taking everyones advise and "enjoying it because they grow up so fast"
These pics are at Dawes Aboretum which we are lucky enough to have it just right up the road from us so we go there often in the evenings.
After the sun gets low ..the Japanese Garden becomes nothing less than enchanting.

As kids we went there on field trips alot for school and it wasn't really too exciting..just a bunch of trees. But as adults we are amazed at the vast collection and variety of trees. Its so impressive and we think we are passing on the appreciation of it to Carter as much as is possible. He does what we do by walking along and touching and smelling. We always bring home something...a cat tail from big pond, pinecone, bird feather..we put them in a vase by our foyer and he looks at them all the time :)

                                                                 Japanese Pond

                                                                                                 Big Lake