Thursday, January 31, 2008


Ok..I just need 2 seconds of everyones time!
I plan on opening a supply store on Etsy this spring...I bought a banner from a graphic designer on Etsy the other night and asked them to hold it until I thought of a name. Well they are asking me if I have come up with one I need your help!
Here is my choces...just leave your pick in the comments..PLEASE! They are all running through my head and now I'm confused!
*Leslie's Loot
*Chic Findings
*Boutique Baubles
*Jewelry Junk
*JewelryBox Supplies
*Supplies and Such
*Trinket Treasures or Trinkets and Treasures
*Fabulous Findings
*Garnet Girl Supplies
Or if you can think of a better..let me know!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Swarovski Teardrops

This is a custom order for one of my favorite hair clients! She wanted a black necklace..told me to do what I here is what I came up with.
And I named it after her!

"Georgia Rose"

" Olive Nuggets and Wood Drop"
If you like the out of the ordinary might like this one!

Sweet Heart

What a sweet necklace for Valentines Day or any day!


These are the Swarovski Series Necklaces that have been so popular..and you can see why! Everyone that sees them lets out a little Gasp..ooooOOO or ahhhhh!!

They are gorgeous in their own right so I just simply wire wrapped the Teardrop and attached a Chain and Toggle Clasp.

Next I oxidized the necklace dark and then buffed it to give it that time worn look!

"Ocean Blue"

Smokey..Shades of Mysterious Blue!

"Vitrail" (medium)

All colors of the rainbow..very Vibriant!

"Vitrail" (light)

A Fabulous Pastel Rainbow!

"Burmuda Blue"

Intense Blue..Aqua and Green!

Wire Wrapped Rings

Lilac Flower

I finally have all the different colors of those little Carved Flower Rings Listed!

They have turned out to be a hit! I love making them..each one getting better and better..its quite a skill to master!

The flowers are cute but I think I'll start looking for something else unique to Wire Wrap a Ring with.....hmmmmmmmmm

Wonderful feedback from a customer!

Ahh this is the ring of my dreams and it fits perfectly! Everything was right, down to the packaging. Thanks Leslie!

Pink Posey

Rosemary Mint

Turquoise Flower

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cahoots Handbags

I remember when I first ordered these handbags from Cahoots...I was sooooooo excited to get them! It was the best box of goodies I ever got in the mail!
I had drooled over these purses forever and finally decided to order some to sell in my hair salon sure that they wouldn't last the day!
Well everyone did love them but I think most people in my town were alittle scared to make the I still have them.
They are beautiful, brand new and still have the tags on them. And they are so popular even with celebrities, been featured in magazines..They retail for $120 and I'm letting them got for $48!!!
Here is Cahoots website:
I'm in a showcase on Etsy tomorrow..its my first one and I'm still not quite sure how it works but..all the ones for jewelry were full so I bought one in the accessories catagory and decided to list the purses and is the link. mone won't be up until Sunday and it lasts one day!
I'm in another showcase on Tuesday..I'll post that later!
Here's to Super Shoppin Sunday ( I hope)

Earrings and New Ring Colors

Floral Turquoise Hoops
These fat bean beads and Gold Hoop Earrings came together so perfect..the irredecsent patina on the hoops and the mottled picasso effect of the beads really play off of one another!

Picasso Hoops and Daggers

These fireploished picasso czech beads are so dimentional with many layers of color..they remind me of stained glass windows!


A little sneak of the new ring colors...When I make the ring it is Bright Silver at this is the first set of pictures.

Then I oxidize them to a dark gray..take a pic

Then I buffed off the dark hitting the high parts only creating depth to the metal..take the third pic

So I will do the last 2 stages Sunday ..get the pics and get them listed!

Have a great Weekend!

Blue Bell Flower

Olive Orchid

Sun Flower

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Enter to win a Bracelet!!!

This is for my Canadian friend Lori...We have never met...never talked on the phone..but we met through Etsy and we are fun Email
and Etsy Convo Friends!
Click on the "personal blog" link to enter to win this Gorgeous bracelet...and click on her link to see her latest creations!

Teresa is running her first contest of the year over at her personal blog. You have a chance to win a beautiful turquoise bracelet created by Lori Jaclyn. She’s willing to ship anywhere and that means anyone is eligible to participate and win.

Non bloggin bad girl!

I've been a non blogger lately...I've been busy working...and getting ready for the Open House we had last Sunday for the House my husband just finished building. It's sold... but we wanted to have friends, family and potential customers over to see it! I know I'm ready to move my stuff in tonight! If you are curious to see even more, I just finished updating his website with new pictures!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Fido and the Owl

OOOOOooooo This is my new favorite necklace! When I found the Howlite Owl Pendant I couldn't believe it! Because I just happen to have the perfect Howlite Beads already! I love when that happens!
I oxidized the Sterling Wire Dark and added Gray Swarovski Crystals to bring out the Natural Gray Marble-like markings in the Stones!


Maybe I should have used this picture??!!??


Or this one?!?!?!

My cat fidi-silliO is the nosiest cat..he just has to be in the middle of everything...seeing what is going on!!!

Well he does sort of match this necklace!

New Etsy Banner!!!

I finally got a New Banner!


...and a new Avatar

Briana from BennyandRoo on Etsy did it for me. She was so patient and wanted me to be completely happy...we went through many trys until finally it had the Wow Factor I was looking for!
Hope everyone likes it!

"Lace Teardrop"

Such a pretty soft necklace..its a little more "petite" than some of the recently listed ones

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Does LOVE STINK? or are you LOVESTRUCK?!

When I saw this Pendant, I just knew I didn't have to do much to create a stand out piece of jewerly!
So I added the most complimentary Chain and a Pink-ish /Redish Bead near the Clasp, and VOILA!
"Pink Mosaic Lady"

"Love Struck" Earrings

I was going to name them "Love Stinks" because of the Black Color...but I thought maybe I shouldn't..What do you think?..Drop me a comment :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sweet Hearts

I'm trying to get all my heart necklaces made in plenty of time before Valentine's Day! I'm not into the traditonal RED heart thing..I like to put my own Twist on things. That way you are not stuck with a "wear once a year" necklace!
"Haute Heart"

"Chartreuse with Envy"

"My Darling Clementine"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jewelry Pretties

A sneak peek of what is to come...I have been getting little packages in the mail everyday of jewlery pretties!

I always love how they all look before I unstring and separate them, so I thought you might like to see them also!

I did some custom orders today and some organizing of my beads and findings..its like when you have a clean car...seems like it runs better. Well the same goes with my bead if I just had more time for all the ideas in my head!

I finished 5 Very Cute Necklaces tonight! be listed soon!

Take a peek inside my jewelry boutique!

I thought you might like a peek inside my jewelry boutique!
This is where all the jewelry listed on my Etsy website sleeps until someone gives it a home! haha!

"Tree of Knowledge"
The back of this pendant reads...Knowlege

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blog Feature

Katie Lyn of My Heart 2 Yours did a beautiful feature of my shop in her blog!
Check it out~

"Garden Party"
This is one of those "tells a story" necklaces! This one is about the Bee and the Sunflower!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me! (yesterday)

First of all let me say... I have loved being 40! It truly was Fabulous!
2007 was the best year yet and I know this year will be even better!
After many years..(20 to be exact) of trying..sort of not caring if I ever got finally happend! And I'm the exact same age as my mom was when she had me! So it is fitting to be due on Mothers Day!
Except today it is popular to be in your forties. I feel it is the perfect time for us and we have a lot to be thankful for and to look forward to!
So I'll share my little belly bump with you!

"Antique Gold Filigrees"
Simple Chic Earrings to go with all the Antique Gold Necklaces you may have!

"Garnet Garden"
In honor of all the January Girls out there..a mix of Green Garnets and Red Garnets!

"Bohemian Love"

This is one of my fav designs..I made it last year also! But its certainly not just for Valentines Day!

"Camo Chic"
Ok, I know, I know.... this is the last time I redo this necklace...I actually REALLY love the way it turned was a hard one. Turns out putting a different shade of Green bead worked best to bring out the pendant! And it goes with all the Camo Rage right now!

"JellyFish Hoops"

I just thought they looked like jellyfish when I layed them down!

Very Contempory and Chic!

"Yellow and Blue...Koo Koo Ka Choo"

I don't know... it just kept running through my head when I was making it! Anyone familiar with the Beatles song "I am the Walrus"?


"New Jade Copper Cascades" Earrings

A perfect match to "Copper Cascade" Necklace

Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's all good!

I really love these new necklaces..its a great feeling when everything just comes together and you just have this feeling that its going to be good.
Whether anyone will agree with you is another thing..but usually its all good!
"Birds Nest"
I did a similar one like this a while back...its so "Etsy" If you have noticed...Etsy is filled with birds!


This is a sneak preview... not yet listed!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Cloud Dome

I am having fun with the new necklace designs..but unfortunately here in Ohio aka "Cloud Dome"...I do not have pictures yet so I guess we will have to wait a little while longer!
(my husband calls this state the "Armpit of America"!)
As I was making this one..the name for it...SilverMist kept running through my head...the Turquoise beads look like they have a silver mist over them but really its a Picasso finish!
Very pretty ...I love this necklace!
These are some of the new rings...You have the choice of 3 finishes:

'Black Rose" (buffed)

"Jade Jewel" (Bright)

"Pink Posey" (Dark)