Monday, December 17, 2007

Busy Little Elf

The first ring I made I did it on a whim...and they have turned out to be quite the thing!
I have had a lot of people buy them as gifts, and since they are adjustable if you get close to their will be fine!
And I have had so fun naming them...depending on the type of stone, color and flower...I can get pretty creative!
"Green Garnet Garden,Winter Snow Flowers,Pearls and a Poppy,Winter Storm,Green Tea, and Stormy Skies" to name a few.
Oh...I have 2 new Necklaces and a Bracelet for tomorrow!
"Super Woman"~"Copper Garland"~"Winter's Dream"
I bet you are wondering what super woman is?! Are you picturing some tacky Linda Carter from the 70's jewerly?! WEll it's not what you think...but you will have to wait and see!
I have so many ideas in my head...if only I had little elves making them at night and while I'm at work!
"Pearls and a Posey"

"Sparkling Swarovski Snowflake"

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