Sunday, August 31, 2008

Owls, Lillies & Posies under a Blue Sky!

One night last week in the wee hours of the morning I was feeding Carter and I heard an owl in the tree outside his window!
It was so cool..I wish I could have seen it..but I'll just have to look at the owl on this bracelet on the meantime!
"Owl on a Branch"
"Frozen Lilly"
"Coral & Bluebells"
"Patina Posies"

Friday, August 29, 2008

More Bracelets!

I made these this morning with my big cup of coffee..Little man was up 3 or 4 times last night..I honestly lost track!
But he sat quietly beside me this morning in his bouncey and watched the pretty beads!
~A friend came over this afternoon and snatched up the snail before I could get it listed!

"Box of Marbles"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brand New Designs!

My little guy is not a nap he just has to watch me make jewerly sometimes..thats just the way it is!
And I feel pretty good about getting these new creations up and listed and now blogged!
This one has been popular so if you would like one..just email me and I can reserve one for you!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

House Update

Everyday Carter and I visit the new house and to see daddy!
It is strange for me to not be there working like Chris and I did on so many houses in the past 8 years .
I am hoping to be able to do some of the painting..but I will not miss helping with the trim! I have litterly been up on a ladder caulking the never ending crown molding...crying because I was so tired of it!
(Chris doesn't miss that either) ha

Chris has subcontractors do most of the work...they are the best at what they do..but on our house to cut cost he is doing some of the work like the trim and concrete..he has a guy (Brian) that helps him everyday so here they are putting up some soffit..all the guys know eachother so well now and it is fun to hear all the teasing that goes on..they are relentless sometimes..Carter just sits on my hip and looks and listens..hmmm I better be careful was he takes in huh?! No they are good guys and its all in good humor!

He sub contracted out the Hardie Plank Siding... so it is going up pretty quick..both sides of the house are almost done

Carter is real quiet when we are there..he looks all around and looks the guys up and down!
But..he does not like the noisey saws one bit!

Today I took his stroller in since it was Sunday and wheeled him around..he seemed to like that!
Drywall is up and soon to have the finish coats and sanding done this week
Today Chris and another guy(Kevin) that does carpentry worked on putting the post on the porch
If you look close you can see the concrete on the porch..this is what Chris did before he started building houses so he still likes to do it occasionally..

He did "exposed"..which is when you powerwash off the top layer of concrete when it is still wet so the pebbles are "exposed"..I love it we have it on our porch makes it look really old

(and hides the dirt)

So that is what we have been up to..Chris has been working 7 days a week..I told him Carter thinks he has a single mom!

But we have a deadline..we have to be in it by November 1st or else we will be out back in a camper for Thanksgiving!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just a short post today..I'm tired!

Cute isn't he?
Well yes but not at midnight..3am...5:30am...and again at 6:30am!!!
Ever since his 2 month shots..the "sleeping through the night" has not been so regular!
And it has finally caught up with me today!

~But I still think he's cute ;)

"Organic Lotus Hoops"

"Picasso Daggers and Blue Marbles"

Some new earrings..I will relist these until my supplies to make run out!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Urban Boxwood Collection...Southwest MoD...Autumn Rose Ring..and boo boo

These are my latest listings..I love's so hard to get the true colors in pictures and these days I have to make every second count so I am not talking as long for pictures..but hopefully I am capturing their beauty!
Romeo update..
He seems to be getting better..he has finally come upstairs, but he walks ever so soft and gentle on his tooties!
Just some cute pictures of my little boo..

Monday, August 18, 2008

Poor Romeo & One Year Ago all began!

According to the calculations they told me I conceived on August 18th which is my dad's birthday..he would have been 88 today!
So for those of you that are new to my year ago today I conceived and my due date was Mothers's Day..even though mom and dad are not here..I think they are speaking to me!

Carter and neighbor Nancy watching the traumatic event!
On a lighter note..well not really but last night we had quite the excitement at our house!
A dog chased Romeo (my very loving but old cat) WAY up a tree!

Here he is..scared to death with no idea how to get down..yes cats can get down..but this was really really high and the tree was so skinny and he is so old...(and hurt we later find out)
It took over 2 hours to figure out what to do..first Chris put a board from the shed to the tree top..Romeo looked at that like "you want me to come down THAT?"

So Chris went up to access the situation and Romeo's condition..he came down and put on a heavy coat and gloves..there are not pictures because I was cowering in the kitchen unable to watch..I was sure Romeo not meaning to would shred Chris to pieces!

But it ended well ..he got up there and Romeo put his paws on Chris' shoulders..he grabbed him and down they one got hurt.

But poor Romeo was hurt..he ripped every single one of his back claws out running up the tree..he was bloody and trembling..but managed to eat right away so he will be fine!

So today he is sleeping downstairs on a soft cat bed..with his food and litter box close.

Chris is my hero (and he says he doesn't like cats-ha!)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

ISO Hairspray

For all my local hair customers...I have a stockpile of our beloved ISO Hairpray in!
If any of you have had a hard time finding it..just email me and I'll hook you up!
" I love this product I really do.. my hair stays in all day "
Carter Hahn
Actually he really does love it, well he loves to hear the sound of it..
psssssss... pssssssssss... psssssssss....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

3 months old!

Carter is 3 months old today!

Just some cute pictures of him today!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby Exercise

They scare you to death in the hospital and in books about SIDS..
"back to sleep ..tummy to play"
So Chris and I spent the first 6 weeks with sleepless nights laying awake with the monitor blaring in our room..listening for breathing!
Now he sleeps in a wedge...
As a result babies today are crawling later than the babies did years ago because of the lack of tummy time.
So I have to make a conscious effort to put him on his tummy at least twice a day..and the goal is for him to raise his head (at least 45 degree's at his age) you can imagine the cheering from me as he trys!
At first it's heartbreaking to watch..nose to the floor.. huffing and puffing..snorting and snotting..
and you should hear him!
haha- just kidding!
So now its wonderful and easy to watch as he can lift his head and look all around :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lucky 7

So today was our Anniversary..And I thought I would show some pictures of our wedding for those of you that couldn't make it!

I have a vivid memory of these girls (Chris' nieces Paige & Ashlan) We were getting ready to walk down the aisle...Just us three all alone after the bridesmaids had gone...the youngest one (Ashlan) turned to me and said "Are you and Uncle Chris going to have kids?"

My heart just sank because I knew of course that I couldn't have any..It was all I could do to choke out.."hopefully"

Well hope miracles do..

And this is what the three of us did today seven years later...

Chris gave me roses in the morning and said he was taking the day off! Well as off as he can do...I guess cell phones don't count!

But who cares ...we were going to Easton!

The first stop we make is lunch at Brio...Carter is practically made of Brio, when I was pregnant we ate there everytime we went to Easton.

He did really good when he woke up...

I ended up holding him while I ate..he just sat real still and looked around.

The fountains where the kids run through the water was right behind me and he looked that way alot

(next summer buddy)

The Columbus Zoo brings in animals for the kids to they are bringing a baby white leopard!

The next stop was Babies R Us..the place that used to intimidate us now is familiar and fun!

We sat Carter in a new bouncer and he loved it so much we had to buy it..he just kicked and laughed so much more than in the old at home!

Then we came home...and Chris' mom said she would watch him for a few hours so..we went out to eat again!!!

What a day..I haven't had this much excitement in 3 months!

I honestly felt like I was on vacation..I loved it but I'm looking forward to tomorrow..home with my peanut!