Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big Day at Babies R Us!

These earrings were listed yesterday! Another color combo I love!
"Cranberry & Turquoise"
So today was the BIG Babies R Us trip!!!
We had so much fun because it was a store we had never been in!
We thought we would go get the big stuff bought first and then just kind of scan the place to get a feel for what they had...we knew it would be over whelming..and it was!
A sales girl asked us if we were doing ok and Chris said "oh yes thank you" and when she left he said to me.."helllllll no were not ok..we have no idea what were doing"!
Well I got to laughing so hard and so did he..I was practically laying on the floor!..(at least it wasn't from the kidney pain)
Anyway we finally broke down and had the girl help us and boy what a difference, she explained what was good and what wasn't necessary..the car seat/stroller thing was enough to send us running out the front door!
So we decided to look at that is something I know about so that was easy!
We ended up buying the crib that converted into a toddler bed and then into a full size bed...a dresser, the mattress (decided to splurge on the vibrating one) someone told me to get any thing that vibrates so that was my thing for everything we looked at "does it vibrate?"
So then we went back to the carseat area...bought the infant car seat/stroller combo...and instead of a bassinet she suggested a pack and play..finally I got to see what that was..everyone talks about them so now we have one!
I reaaalllly want this new thing that is a hot seller..its called the soothing center and it simulates the feeling inside the mother..its replaces the regular swing, by swinging sideways..and at this point we both wanted to climb in the thing!
All in all it was fun and had a new adventure..My pain was there but thank goodness for the glider section.
We have to go back in 2 weeks to pick up the furniture so we are going to register for all the little gadgets..we have already booked the helpful girl "Gretchen" for that!!
Here are some fun pictures of Chris carrying out everything!

My new listings for today!
I am not a big RED fan, I never wear true red myself but I do like tan and this necklace would look great with those colors and just give that little punch of red!

"A Red Flower Necklace"


Now this all me!

"Groovy Flower Girl"

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Earrings..Birds and Deer!

Pregnancy update!: Feeling much better, the kidney pain is still there but very that is good for now!
Carter has been kicking his feet in my ribs..right in the middle of my chest!
The average weight is 3 lbs, and 17 inches long now! No wonder my poor ureter is being squished..I feel like I have no room for me in my own body!
Teal , Copper & Lime
I love this unusual color combo!!!

If you have spent any time on Etsy looking around you know these Swallow Birds are very popular!

So in keeping with the Octopus Obscession, this is my Swallow Swoop Hoop~La!


~And when I was taking pictures on my mannequin this morning...I had some curious onlookers right outside my window!

ummmm...maybe these girls would like some some earrings!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Aqua Oasis

These are one of my favorite beads! They really glow... especially in the summer with a tan!
I have been busy getting my bookwork done to get my taxes done tomorrow so that is why the lack of listings over the weekend..but considering my aching ureter..haha I think I have managed pretty well with making and listing new things last week.
I do feel better than I did..I have been able to tolerate the pain with out the pain killers. And today we got out of the house and went to lunch and Office Depot..whooo hooo! But it felt good! And even though I had a little episode of pain there I managed to stay upright and not get on all fours!
Thanks for all the email responses and get well wishes! I love hearing from everyone!!

"Aqua Oasis"

Friday, February 22, 2008

Update for all my Hair Clients!!

I thought I would give everyone an update on my kidney condition...turns out they don't think I have a kidney stone. The only test I can have being pregnant is not 100% but they are pretty sure I have what is called "Hydro Ureter" which is basically the pressure from my growing uterus pressing up against my ureter and causing all this pain that I've been in! The ureter is the tube going from the kidney to the bladder.
The bad thing is the only cure is its going to be a hard next couple of months. I almost wish it was a stone that I could pass.
My doctor said he has not seen a case of this since his residency!
But other than that I feel great and the baby is just fine too!
My days consist of trying to do things for a little bit then I have to get on all fours to take the pressure off and relieve the pain...its a vicious cycle but it's the only way I can deal with it.
I have a lot to do to get ready for the baby so if you see a pregnant girl on the floor in Target...its just me!
If you want to email me please do I'd love to hear from everyone and I can save your email addresses for future updates! Please pass this on to other clients for me too!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crystal Craze

I finally have all the Swarovski Crystals made and listed! I added little Hill Tribe Flowers for a touch of whimsy
Enjoy looking at them!

"A Girls Best Friend"
"Blue Sapphire"

"Crystal Lemon" (new color)
"Crystal Titan" (new color)
"Pastel Rainbow"
(light Vitrail)
"Wire Wrapped Rainbow"

"Bermuda Blue"
"Brandy" (new color)
"Crystal Chic"
(clear crystal AB)
"Crystal Chilli Pepper" (new color)
"Crystal Ice" (new color)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Delicious Tees...and more Octopus's!!!

This is the t-shirt I talked about earlier from "Delicous Tees" we did a little trading and this is what I picked from her store. Being a hairstylist my whole life... I was drawn to the lady with flowing hair. But really the meaning of this design is below the picture!

And just when the burden felt too heavy to bear, the collective momentum of all things beautiful guided her to remember what resonated within. She had neglected the small, quiet voice...the intuitive guide. She had forgotten about her childhood.

"Resonate Ring Earrings"

And these are the earrings I made to match the tee!

"Aqua Octopus"

"Bubbles the Gold Octopus"

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Octopus Obcession

I thought I would show off my shopping ventures! I'm fianlly jumping on the band wagon of the Octopus!
I found this awesome tshirt from "Dead Worry" on Etsy then I made a necklace just to go with it!
I also made 2 more necklaces to list, one in Silver and one in Gold!
I love them and hopefully I will get pics of them and listed tomorrrow.
But first I'm off to my doctor to see whats going on with these painful kidney stones! I have been able to sit on my couch and make a few things but taking pics and listing stirs up the pain...after this picture today I was back down on the floor in pain! But my Swarovski Crystals are in and those I can sit and wire wrap , the new colors are soooo pretty..and I can't wait to get them up!!

"Dead Worry"
"" Octopus Obcession"

Friday, February 15, 2008

Etsy Friends, Bump Watch & New listings

You may have heard me mention my Etsy friend Lori..she is way up north in Canada! We chat on a daily basis and it is a fun friendship!

Low and behold she named some earrings after me today in her newest lisitng! No my middle name is not really "Lou"..but it sounds better than "Leslie Janine" for an earring title!

Look around in her store..she has some great things! I have 2 of her earrings and a necklace and earrings on the way!!

"Leslie Lou" earrings by JEWELLORI DESIGNS


Ok here is the latest "bump watch" pic! As you can see .. a little bigger than a month ago on my birthday...

27 weeks and the latest update is..Kidney Stones! Very painful and the worst is mine seems to move for a few hours and stop so I never know when it will hit me!

But other than that all is well and the best part of the whole ordeal is we got an unexpected look of our little boy at the doctors office the other day! And none of this seems to have affected him... he is practicing his golf swing all the time..just like his daddy!

I have been able to sit on the couch and do some that is why there are several of those designs lately..its easier than sitting up at my bead table for the moment!

"Flower Power"

This one is already on its way to a collage girl at the University of Windsor in Canada!

Matching Power Power they are on their own!

"Love Birds" necklace & earrings

Listed on Valentines day!..I love this necklace..I have a thing for double chains!

"Walnut Spiral Flower"

This one looks really nice on and feels very smooth against your chest! The combination of the colors and shapes of the beads are striking in person!


I have met so many nice people through Etsy..I feel as though my circle of friends grow by the day...we all have that common link of the desire to create! And we appreciate and admire and WANT eachothers work!

This is a designer that contacted me for a trade...and it turns out she has an awesome t-shirt website. The funny thing is she lives less than an hour from my town!

She wrote the nicest post about me in her blog..check it out:

I received my tshirt in the mail already today and I love it..I want to show you but I'm saving that for later.. :) I'm designing something to coordinate with it!

In the mean time ..check out her website!


Monday, February 11, 2008

New Listings..A necklace for myself and a Sneak Preview!

This is a necklace I made especially for me! I'm not sure I have ever done that but I needed something to go with a maternity shirt that is a weird shade of green! I just thought I would show it off..tease you alittle bit even! ;)
I get compliments whenever I wear it!
If I ever find another stone like this.. I'll make one for Esty!

This is my new spring jacket I'm in love with!

Oh sorry I mean its a new necklace listing for you get an afternoon sneak preview!

It's like the other Swarovski Crystals but bigger! And its "strass" cut so the sparkle is even more incredible if that is possible!


" Mermaid Oasis"

This one only lasted a few hours on is a quote from the awesome customer that bought it...

"This piece is insanely gorgeous!!!"

"Crystal Chic"
They say diamonds are a girls best friend...but I say Swarovski Crystals are the next best affordable thing!

"Black and Blue...and a Teardrop too!"
The czech stones in this are a briliant blue..I can't stop looking at them!

"Blue Sapphire"

A perfect match...this is one of those larger Swarovski Crystals with the strass cut..what a compliment seeking set this is!

" Freefrom Silver"

I love this fact I'm making one for myself! At first glance looks like Platinum and diamonds... But at a fraction of the cost!


"Sparkle Swirl"

Another simple everyday..goes with everything necklace...I love the simplicity of Silver and the Swarovski Crystals..expensive look at an inexpensive price!

"Ring around the Posey"

Another piece that I am making for myself..I love the stretchy bracelets, I like them to fit snug so they are perfect for me..and the wood in this one feels so smooth against your skin..perfect for spring and summer!

~ I am so excited because I have the new colors of the Swarovski Teardrop Crystals ordered...Chilli Pepper, Brandy Lemon,Terrenum,Titum,Ice.....sounds yummy huh!..


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Turquoise and Brown...Gray and Silver

Two new pretties...
And a reminder to enter the contest at Rare Bird Finds to win one of my necklaces!

Gray Skies and Silver Linings
Like I said in my description..its really hard to take a good picture of a gray necklace on a gray day in Ohio!
I'm hoping for brighter day tomorrow and I will retake it..

Amazonite and Wood the aqua and brown together!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Enter to win a Necklace from me at Rare Bird Finds!
New Listings for today

Candy Heart Bracelet
(actually I forgot this was listed a few days ago..sorry but its gone :)

Groovy Swirls

Tutti Fruiti

Stripes and Flowers