Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Delicious Tees...and more Octopus's!!!

This is the t-shirt I talked about earlier from "Delicous Tees" we did a little trading and this is what I picked from her store. Being a hairstylist my whole life... I was drawn to the lady with flowing hair. But really the meaning of this design is below the picture!

And just when the burden felt too heavy to bear, the collective momentum of all things beautiful guided her to remember what resonated within. She had neglected the small, quiet voice...the intuitive guide. She had forgotten about her childhood.

"Resonate Ring Earrings"

And these are the earrings I made to match the tee!

"Aqua Octopus"

"Bubbles the Gold Octopus"

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mental crafter said...

That is a beautiful picture of you! Now you can add model to your "can do" list!