Sunday, February 17, 2008

Octopus Obcession

I thought I would show off my shopping ventures! I'm fianlly jumping on the band wagon of the Octopus!
I found this awesome tshirt from "Dead Worry" on Etsy then I made a necklace just to go with it!
I also made 2 more necklaces to list, one in Silver and one in Gold!
I love them and hopefully I will get pics of them and listed tomorrrow.
But first I'm off to my doctor to see whats going on with these painful kidney stones! I have been able to sit on my couch and make a few things but taking pics and listing stirs up the pain...after this picture today I was back down on the floor in pain! But my Swarovski Crystals are in and those I can sit and wire wrap , the new colors are soooo pretty..and I can't wait to get them up!!

"Dead Worry"
"" Octopus Obcession"

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