Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big Day at Babies R Us!

These earrings were listed yesterday! Another color combo I love!
"Cranberry & Turquoise"
So today was the BIG Babies R Us trip!!!
We had so much fun because it was a store we had never been in!
We thought we would go get the big stuff bought first and then just kind of scan the place to get a feel for what they had...we knew it would be over whelming..and it was!
A sales girl asked us if we were doing ok and Chris said "oh yes thank you" and when she left he said to me.."helllllll no were not ok..we have no idea what were doing"!
Well I got to laughing so hard and so did he..I was practically laying on the floor!..(at least it wasn't from the kidney pain)
Anyway we finally broke down and had the girl help us and boy what a difference, she explained what was good and what wasn't necessary..the car seat/stroller thing was enough to send us running out the front door!
So we decided to look at that is something I know about so that was easy!
We ended up buying the crib that converted into a toddler bed and then into a full size bed...a dresser, the mattress (decided to splurge on the vibrating one) someone told me to get any thing that vibrates so that was my thing for everything we looked at "does it vibrate?"
So then we went back to the carseat area...bought the infant car seat/stroller combo...and instead of a bassinet she suggested a pack and play..finally I got to see what that was..everyone talks about them so now we have one!
I reaaalllly want this new thing that is a hot seller..its called the soothing center and it simulates the feeling inside the mother..its replaces the regular swing, by swinging sideways..and at this point we both wanted to climb in the thing!
All in all it was fun and had a new adventure..My pain was there but thank goodness for the glider section.
We have to go back in 2 weeks to pick up the furniture so we are going to register for all the little gadgets..we have already booked the helpful girl "Gretchen" for that!!
Here are some fun pictures of Chris carrying out everything!

My new listings for today!
I am not a big RED fan, I never wear true red myself but I do like tan and this necklace would look great with those colors and just give that little punch of red!

"A Red Flower Necklace"


Now this all me!

"Groovy Flower Girl"