Friday, February 15, 2008

Etsy Friends, Bump Watch & New listings

You may have heard me mention my Etsy friend Lori..she is way up north in Canada! We chat on a daily basis and it is a fun friendship!

Low and behold she named some earrings after me today in her newest lisitng! No my middle name is not really "Lou"..but it sounds better than "Leslie Janine" for an earring title!

Look around in her store..she has some great things! I have 2 of her earrings and a necklace and earrings on the way!!

"Leslie Lou" earrings by JEWELLORI DESIGNS


Ok here is the latest "bump watch" pic! As you can see .. a little bigger than a month ago on my birthday...

27 weeks and the latest update is..Kidney Stones! Very painful and the worst is mine seems to move for a few hours and stop so I never know when it will hit me!

But other than that all is well and the best part of the whole ordeal is we got an unexpected look of our little boy at the doctors office the other day! And none of this seems to have affected him... he is practicing his golf swing all the time..just like his daddy!

I have been able to sit on the couch and do some that is why there are several of those designs lately..its easier than sitting up at my bead table for the moment!

"Flower Power"

This one is already on its way to a collage girl at the University of Windsor in Canada!

Matching Power Power they are on their own!

"Love Birds" necklace & earrings

Listed on Valentines day!..I love this necklace..I have a thing for double chains!

"Walnut Spiral Flower"

This one looks really nice on and feels very smooth against your chest! The combination of the colors and shapes of the beads are striking in person!


I have met so many nice people through Etsy..I feel as though my circle of friends grow by the day...we all have that common link of the desire to create! And we appreciate and admire and WANT eachothers work!

This is a designer that contacted me for a trade...and it turns out she has an awesome t-shirt website. The funny thing is she lives less than an hour from my town!

She wrote the nicest post about me in her blog..check it out:

I received my tshirt in the mail already today and I love it..I want to show you but I'm saving that for later.. :) I'm designing something to coordinate with it!

In the mean time ..check out her website!



sharla said...

Leslie! You look so cute! Not too much longer now!

Lori said...

Leslie Lou! It was a pleasure making earrings after my fav. etsian!!

You look amazing in your belly always!