Monday, February 11, 2008

New Listings..A necklace for myself and a Sneak Preview!

This is a necklace I made especially for me! I'm not sure I have ever done that but I needed something to go with a maternity shirt that is a weird shade of green! I just thought I would show it off..tease you alittle bit even! ;)
I get compliments whenever I wear it!
If I ever find another stone like this.. I'll make one for Esty!

This is my new spring jacket I'm in love with!

Oh sorry I mean its a new necklace listing for you get an afternoon sneak preview!

It's like the other Swarovski Crystals but bigger! And its "strass" cut so the sparkle is even more incredible if that is possible!


" Mermaid Oasis"

This one only lasted a few hours on is a quote from the awesome customer that bought it...

"This piece is insanely gorgeous!!!"

"Crystal Chic"
They say diamonds are a girls best friend...but I say Swarovski Crystals are the next best affordable thing!

"Black and Blue...and a Teardrop too!"
The czech stones in this are a briliant blue..I can't stop looking at them!

"Blue Sapphire"

A perfect match...this is one of those larger Swarovski Crystals with the strass cut..what a compliment seeking set this is!

" Freefrom Silver"

I love this fact I'm making one for myself! At first glance looks like Platinum and diamonds... But at a fraction of the cost!


"Sparkle Swirl"

Another simple everyday..goes with everything necklace...I love the simplicity of Silver and the Swarovski Crystals..expensive look at an inexpensive price!

"Ring around the Posey"

Another piece that I am making for myself..I love the stretchy bracelets, I like them to fit snug so they are perfect for me..and the wood in this one feels so smooth against your skin..perfect for spring and summer!

~ I am so excited because I have the new colors of the Swarovski Teardrop Crystals ordered...Chilli Pepper, Brandy Lemon,Terrenum,Titum,Ice.....sounds yummy huh!..


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