Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Earrings..Birds and Deer!

Pregnancy update!: Feeling much better, the kidney pain is still there but very minimal..so that is good for now!
Carter has been kicking his feet in my ribs..right in the middle of my chest!
The average weight is 3 lbs, and 17 inches long now! No wonder my poor ureter is being squished..I feel like I have no room for me in my own body!
Teal , Copper & Lime
I love this unusual color combo!!!

If you have spent any time on Etsy looking around you know these Swallow Birds are very popular!

So in keeping with the Octopus Obscession, this is my Swallow Swoop Hoop~La!


~And when I was taking pictures on my mannequin this morning...I had some curious onlookers right outside my window!

ummmm...maybe these girls would like some some earrings!

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mental crafter said...

I like how you added the swallow to the necklace it is very attractive. Also glad you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing the pixs of the deer. Be-a-u-ti-ful!!!