Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Swarovski Teardrops

This is a custom order for one of my favorite hair clients! She wanted a black necklace..told me to do what I here is what I came up with.
And I named it after her!

"Georgia Rose"

" Olive Nuggets and Wood Drop"
If you like the out of the ordinary might like this one!

Sweet Heart

What a sweet necklace for Valentines Day or any day!


These are the Swarovski Series Necklaces that have been so popular..and you can see why! Everyone that sees them lets out a little Gasp..ooooOOO or ahhhhh!!

They are gorgeous in their own right so I just simply wire wrapped the Teardrop and attached a Chain and Toggle Clasp.

Next I oxidized the necklace dark and then buffed it to give it that time worn look!

"Ocean Blue"

Smokey..Shades of Mysterious Blue!

"Vitrail" (medium)

All colors of the rainbow..very Vibriant!

"Vitrail" (light)

A Fabulous Pastel Rainbow!

"Burmuda Blue"

Intense Blue..Aqua and Green!


Anonymous said...

I thought I was your favorite hair client?!

jued keigh said...

how much is that goergia rose necklace in the window? please send me an e-mail. thanks.