Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cahoots Handbags

I remember when I first ordered these handbags from Cahoots...I was sooooooo excited to get them! It was the best box of goodies I ever got in the mail!
I had drooled over these purses forever and finally decided to order some to sell in my hair salon sure that they wouldn't last the day!
Well everyone did love them but I think most people in my town were alittle scared to make the I still have them.
They are beautiful, brand new and still have the tags on them. And they are so popular even with celebrities, been featured in magazines..They retail for $120 and I'm letting them got for $48!!!
Here is Cahoots website:
I'm in a showcase on Etsy tomorrow..its my first one and I'm still not quite sure how it works but..all the ones for jewelry were full so I bought one in the accessories catagory and decided to list the purses and is the link. mone won't be up until Sunday and it lasts one day!
I'm in another showcase on Tuesday..I'll post that later!
Here's to Super Shoppin Sunday ( I hope)

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