Friday, January 11, 2008

Cloud Dome

I am having fun with the new necklace designs..but unfortunately here in Ohio aka "Cloud Dome"...I do not have pictures yet so I guess we will have to wait a little while longer!
(my husband calls this state the "Armpit of America"!)
As I was making this one..the name for it...SilverMist kept running through my head...the Turquoise beads look like they have a silver mist over them but really its a Picasso finish!
Very pretty ...I love this necklace!
These are some of the new rings...You have the choice of 3 finishes:

'Black Rose" (buffed)

"Jade Jewel" (Bright)

"Pink Posey" (Dark)

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Jen said...

oh, i just adore your rings! so very lovely :)