Saturday, January 26, 2008

Earrings and New Ring Colors

Floral Turquoise Hoops
These fat bean beads and Gold Hoop Earrings came together so perfect..the irredecsent patina on the hoops and the mottled picasso effect of the beads really play off of one another!

Picasso Hoops and Daggers

These fireploished picasso czech beads are so dimentional with many layers of color..they remind me of stained glass windows!


A little sneak of the new ring colors...When I make the ring it is Bright Silver at this is the first set of pictures.

Then I oxidize them to a dark gray..take a pic

Then I buffed off the dark hitting the high parts only creating depth to the metal..take the third pic

So I will do the last 2 stages Sunday ..get the pics and get them listed!

Have a great Weekend!

Blue Bell Flower

Olive Orchid

Sun Flower

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