Thursday, January 31, 2008


Ok..I just need 2 seconds of everyones time!
I plan on opening a supply store on Etsy this spring...I bought a banner from a graphic designer on Etsy the other night and asked them to hold it until I thought of a name. Well they are asking me if I have come up with one I need your help!
Here is my choces...just leave your pick in the comments..PLEASE! They are all running through my head and now I'm confused!
*Leslie's Loot
*Chic Findings
*Boutique Baubles
*Jewelry Junk
*JewelryBox Supplies
*Supplies and Such
*Trinket Treasures or Trinkets and Treasures
*Fabulous Findings
*Garnet Girl Supplies
Or if you can think of a better..let me know!!


JennyD said...

Hey Leslie - out of those...I like Leslie's Loot. It seems more you... more personable. I am not real creative but if I think of something I'll pass it on. Have fun!!

Lori said...

I like Chic .... ooops forgot what it said..chic findings!? I like that one , and the Leslie's Loot is super cute too! Good luck! I'm going to do lots of shopping there i think!

Mental Crafter said...

What about "More from Les"? I like Chic Finding and Trinkets & Treasures. Your jewelry is gorgeous!