Monday, August 18, 2008

Poor Romeo & One Year Ago all began!

According to the calculations they told me I conceived on August 18th which is my dad's birthday..he would have been 88 today!
So for those of you that are new to my year ago today I conceived and my due date was Mothers's Day..even though mom and dad are not here..I think they are speaking to me!

Carter and neighbor Nancy watching the traumatic event!
On a lighter note..well not really but last night we had quite the excitement at our house!
A dog chased Romeo (my very loving but old cat) WAY up a tree!

Here he is..scared to death with no idea how to get down..yes cats can get down..but this was really really high and the tree was so skinny and he is so old...(and hurt we later find out)
It took over 2 hours to figure out what to do..first Chris put a board from the shed to the tree top..Romeo looked at that like "you want me to come down THAT?"

So Chris went up to access the situation and Romeo's condition..he came down and put on a heavy coat and gloves..there are not pictures because I was cowering in the kitchen unable to watch..I was sure Romeo not meaning to would shred Chris to pieces!

But it ended well ..he got up there and Romeo put his paws on Chris' shoulders..he grabbed him and down they one got hurt.

But poor Romeo was hurt..he ripped every single one of his back claws out running up the tree..he was bloody and trembling..but managed to eat right away so he will be fine!

So today he is sleeping downstairs on a soft cat bed..with his food and litter box close.

Chris is my hero (and he says he doesn't like cats-ha!)

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Jewllori by Lori said...

Awww poor Romeo is right! What a tramatic event!

YAY for conception date anniversaries too! hahah!