Sunday, August 24, 2008

House Update

Everyday Carter and I visit the new house and to see daddy!
It is strange for me to not be there working like Chris and I did on so many houses in the past 8 years .
I am hoping to be able to do some of the painting..but I will not miss helping with the trim! I have litterly been up on a ladder caulking the never ending crown molding...crying because I was so tired of it!
(Chris doesn't miss that either) ha

Chris has subcontractors do most of the work...they are the best at what they do..but on our house to cut cost he is doing some of the work like the trim and concrete..he has a guy (Brian) that helps him everyday so here they are putting up some soffit..all the guys know eachother so well now and it is fun to hear all the teasing that goes on..they are relentless sometimes..Carter just sits on my hip and looks and listens..hmmm I better be careful was he takes in huh?! No they are good guys and its all in good humor!

He sub contracted out the Hardie Plank Siding... so it is going up pretty quick..both sides of the house are almost done

Carter is real quiet when we are there..he looks all around and looks the guys up and down!
But..he does not like the noisey saws one bit!

Today I took his stroller in since it was Sunday and wheeled him around..he seemed to like that!
Drywall is up and soon to have the finish coats and sanding done this week
Today Chris and another guy(Kevin) that does carpentry worked on putting the post on the porch
If you look close you can see the concrete on the porch..this is what Chris did before he started building houses so he still likes to do it occasionally..

He did "exposed"..which is when you powerwash off the top layer of concrete when it is still wet so the pebbles are "exposed"..I love it we have it on our porch makes it look really old

(and hides the dirt)

So that is what we have been up to..Chris has been working 7 days a week..I told him Carter thinks he has a single mom!

But we have a deadline..we have to be in it by November 1st or else we will be out back in a camper for Thanksgiving!

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