Thursday, August 14, 2008

ISO Hairspray

For all my local hair customers...I have a stockpile of our beloved ISO Hairpray in!
If any of you have had a hard time finding it..just email me and I'll hook you up!
" I love this product I really do.. my hair stays in all day "
Carter Hahn
Actually he really does love it, well he loves to hear the sound of it..
psssssss... pssssssssss... psssssssss....


Jewllori by Lori said...

hahah..he looks like he uses it!! Cute!

sharla said...

I don't know Leslie...he looks more and more like you to me everyday. At first i thought he was a Chris clone but I think he looks more like you now!

Leslie~Carter's Mom & LesChic Jewelry Designer said...

yea! Thanks Sharla! Must be the double chin! haha
In person he is me from the nose down and Chris from the eyes up! But each expression he changes too!