Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby Exercise

They scare you to death in the hospital and in books about SIDS..
"back to sleep ..tummy to play"
So Chris and I spent the first 6 weeks with sleepless nights laying awake with the monitor blaring in our room..listening for breathing!
Now he sleeps in a wedge...
As a result babies today are crawling later than the babies did years ago because of the lack of tummy time.
So I have to make a conscious effort to put him on his tummy at least twice a day..and the goal is for him to raise his head (at least 45 degree's at his age) you can imagine the cheering from me as he trys!
At first it's heartbreaking to watch..nose to the floor.. huffing and puffing..snorting and snotting..
and you should hear him!
haha- just kidding!
So now its wonderful and easy to watch as he can lift his head and look all around :)

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