Monday, August 11, 2008

Lucky 7

So today was our Anniversary..And I thought I would show some pictures of our wedding for those of you that couldn't make it!

I have a vivid memory of these girls (Chris' nieces Paige & Ashlan) We were getting ready to walk down the aisle...Just us three all alone after the bridesmaids had gone...the youngest one (Ashlan) turned to me and said "Are you and Uncle Chris going to have kids?"

My heart just sank because I knew of course that I couldn't have any..It was all I could do to choke out.."hopefully"

Well hope miracles do..

And this is what the three of us did today seven years later...

Chris gave me roses in the morning and said he was taking the day off! Well as off as he can do...I guess cell phones don't count!

But who cares ...we were going to Easton!

The first stop we make is lunch at Brio...Carter is practically made of Brio, when I was pregnant we ate there everytime we went to Easton.

He did really good when he woke up...

I ended up holding him while I ate..he just sat real still and looked around.

The fountains where the kids run through the water was right behind me and he looked that way alot

(next summer buddy)

The Columbus Zoo brings in animals for the kids to they are bringing a baby white leopard!

The next stop was Babies R Us..the place that used to intimidate us now is familiar and fun!

We sat Carter in a new bouncer and he loved it so much we had to buy it..he just kicked and laughed so much more than in the old at home!

Then we came home...and Chris' mom said she would watch him for a few hours so..we went out to eat again!!!

What a day..I haven't had this much excitement in 3 months!

I honestly felt like I was on vacation..I loved it but I'm looking forward to tomorrow..home with my peanut!


TinkerDot Designs said...

cmYay for a day out!! ...and to get to go to dinner by yourselves as well..double yay! Happy Anniversary :)

Jewllori by Lori said...

Aww Happy Anniversary!!! I am so happy for you guys, and I just love ya! Carter is such a sweet boy, just love his expressions. Happy 3 month to Carter too. I feel so lost for being gone three days!!! I hope to catch up only to be gone by next week again for another!

Araceli said...

I love all your pictures Leslie! How's your place coming along?