Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sad Weekend

Our beloved Romeo has died...

We always talked about what this day would be like..we knew it would be bad..he was such a kind gentle loving up to his name ...and then some.

Those of you that have been reading my blog for a long time remember the post about how he was right by side when I had morning sickness so bad..he was so worried about me. He would purr and rub his head on my leg trying to make me all better. Then stare at me with a look of confusion of why he didn't fit on my growing lap anymore :)

Then the famous story of him up the tree and Chris had to risk his life and overcome his fear of heights to save him!

Chris did not like cats when we met but he had no choice but to learn if he wanted a life with me.

But it wasn't that hard with a good cat like Romeo..he is as sad today as I am.

I was brushing Romeo Friday night and I told Chris that I was kind of worried about Romeo..he just seemed thinner to me..not quite as robust as he used to be..but after all he was 13 years old.

Yesterday I was working and he came out to my shop and sat on the steps..I saw his little face looking customer Nancy stopped to pet him on her way out.

The next thing I know Chris is calling me saying something was wrong with Romeo. I ran inside and he was at the bottom of the basement stairs..his back legs paralized..panting and meowing in pain.
I had to stay and work so Chris and Carter took him to the vets office.

He had a blood clot shutting off the blood to his back legs.
She gave him blood thinners and medication to try to break it up but didn't give us much hope. She said he was in alot of pain so he was sedated and given pain meds..

We went to see him that evening..he was calm and relaxed but the medication was not helping.But The vet said it was worth it to wait till morning. He purred and rubbed against my hand and face ....always the lover.

All night I kept waking up thinking.."Dead Cat Sleeping"..I know that is horrible to say but I kept thinking of him in that cage seeing the morning light with no idea it would be his last.

When the vet called in the morning with news that he was worse I was not surprised.

I had been with my Persion cat that I dearly loved when she had to be put to sleep years ago and I didn't want to do that again. We said our goodbyes the night before ..and I wanted that embedded in my memory not yet another death. So I gave the ok and later Chris brought him home.
I actually spent alot of time with him today..this sounds crazy but he looked so he was sleeping, I swear I kept seeing him breathe..guess I'm just used to seeing it.
I let Fido see him..smell him and he even licked his head.
They were like brothers...

He doesn't ever do well with change..and he is acting depressed. As I am writing this he is laying in bed with me against my legs. This post shows a typical day for the best friends.

The reason we got Fido was because Romeo's sister went missing and never came home..Romeo was mourning so bad that we got a kitten. I don't want to get into that cycle again..I'm hoping Carter will take Romeo's place.

Anyway I wrapped Romeo in his leopard blanket him and Fido had slept on ... Chris was getting his spot ready..We decided on the place Romeo like to lay outside our kitchen window under a tree.

And the neatest thing..As Chris, Carter, Fido and I knelt there at his grave I looked around for a flower and one of my Hydrangeas by my porch had one brand new flower on it!..they were done blooming in June..

It was meant for sweet Romeo ..I got it and Carter threw it on top of his box.

He went through major life changes with me..death, divorce, new husband, he moved 5 times with me, job stress, other STRESS, pregnancy, accepting the new crying non sleeping baby thing, putting up with Fido when he was a hyper crazy kitten and always letting him eat first!
So he was more than just a pet for me..he was in a way my security blanket.

I think I see him everywhere and I had to stop myself from saying tonight..honey did you let Romeo in yet?

Romeo was a unique sweet boy and we will miss him forever.

Romeo Hahn


Chris said...

Dear Leslie, I am so sorry to hear about your precious Romeo. You gave him a wonderful life. I know that does not make it any easier at all. I just lost my Emma, my dog that I had for over 11 years, so I know what you are feeling and it is horrible. My thoughts are with you.
Warm Regards,

Lorelei said...

So sorry Leslie!!! I dread the day when my Marley cat goes to kitteh heaven. She's been around about the same amount of time as Romeo, about 13-14 years now.
She seems so healthy and good still. I hope she lasts a while longer.
My heart is sad for you today.

Jewllori by Lori said...

OH Les, I'm in tears! I'm so sorry for your loss of dear Romeo, he was truly a lover and always will be in your heart! I hope that your sadness doesn't last too long, but only good and happy memories of the boy!

Thoughts are with you guys today

mental crafter said...

Leslie, I am so sad! you expressed yourself so beautifully! Our pets are our security blankets and then some. I would be lost without my pooch! My thoughts are with you.

LesChic Boutique said...

Thanks everyone :) I just feel sad for Fido being sad. But we have great memories and it happened so sudden that at least he lived a healthy life up until this weekend and I am thankful for that. Thanks again for your kind kind means alot to me :)

Jamie said...

Leslie, I'm so sorry to hear about your Big Boy Remeo!! I know he was so precious to all of you. Just remember all of the wonderful memories you had with him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les...I am so sorry to hear of Romeo's passing. What wonderful memories he has given you. He will live on forever in your heart =)


Araceli said...

I'm so sorry Leslie, Romeo looked like a mellow kitty and I know that he knew how much he was loved. I got so teary eyed reading your post, I know how it feels to lose a pet...I mourned for a very long time. Thank you for posting this. It should give all a reminder to take the time to really "love" our little furry ones even when life gets busy :)

Sending Hugs :)

Lora said...

(I missed this post so I'm just now seeing it)... I'm SO sorry. He sounds like he was a great friend to you. He was there for the good times and the bad. I know you will miss him forever.