Thursday, September 24, 2009

The many faces of Carter

Yes I am still here..I'm sorry to be absent for a while. I have been busy working doing hair and trying to sell the spec house we have for sale..its not fun having double mortgages in this depressed market.
But this little cutie pic keeps us going..he is the light of our lives..let his smile light up your day! :)

Carter and Cousin Connor (he is 3 yrs old)
This picture cracks me makes them look close in age

A few new things..I only have 3 sales until I reach 1000 sales.
I hope Etsy throws a party for me (yea right)..but I could use one :)

WE still miss Romeo all the time..Thanks to everyone for your kind comments.

1 comment:

Araceli said...

He's so precious! I wonder if he will be a little chatterbox?
He looks like a 1stgrader next to his cousin! Lol!!