Monday, March 3, 2008

LesChic Cats!

So I couldn't resist showing you my goofball cats once again!
Since I sold my hair salon I had to find a place for my jewelry cabinet that I sold LesChic out of.
We put it in the foyer and it didn't take long for nibby nose fido to check it out! Chris joked that he was trying to get some blog time!
We laugh and say he thinks he's a celebrity cat now since he's in my blog from time to time!
"Ok....I'm ready for my close up!"
Now this is a typical day for poor Romeo! Fido starts out sly.....first one paw....
then boom ...three paws!
Now they switched positions..notice Romeo giving Fido the eye....
don't let him fool you though... he loves him!
New Listings!
"Rings of Olive Oil"
These beads reminded me instanly of the color of Oilve Oil! And they have been pretty popular because these are the last I have of them

"Stonewashed Denim"

The beads have a stonelike finish and the color is that of jeans!

"Icy Blue and Copper"
I love looking at this bracelet..the colors are so tranquil!

"Red, Wood & Turquoise"

This is a great color combo..its very energizing and the red beads remind me of Red Hots the candy for some reason ...I always think of that when I look at it!

"Stonewashed Denim"

This was the first one I made and it sold fast so I made another one but with slightly different beads!

I am not a bracelet fan..I harldy ever wear them but the double strand braclets are so comfortable..they just feel really nice on. They are chunky and substanstial yet lightweight!

"Raspberry Rose"

Last one..they were so pretty. But all my Raspberry Crazy Lace stones are gone.

This one is a little different in that I didn't oxidize it so its bright sterling silver, Different look but just as fabulous!

psssssssssss...I might have a surprise to show you tomorrow...well its a surprise so you will just have to check back!!!!!

Bye for now!

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mental crafter said...

I love those kitty-cat pics. Your kitties have personality plus! That's why I don't understand those people out there that don't have anything nice to say about cats. Cats have personalities and show love to their "peeps". But of course you know that so who am I preaching to??? I don't Anyway keep the kitty cat pics and stories coming.
Oh yeah, your jewerly is as always exquisitely designed and crafted! And organically beautiful.
I'm rambling...ta ta for now!