Friday, April 10, 2009

My work area.. is one of the rooms I have been working on in my jewerly loft!
When we were picking out house plans for our "forever" house I knew I had to have an area for my jewelry making. And also someday a place for Carter and I to draw and craft as long as he desires..Art and creativity has always been essential in my life (I was the kid who took art class all thru school even if it wasn't cool)
So here is the before picture...
and here is the after thanks to Big Mama Nebraska that I found on Etsy. I wanted a skirt for my craft table so I put a request out on the Alchemy
and I had many bids..I picked the one I thought would work for me. It was so easy and she did a super job I could not be more pleased. I have a matching window valance but its not up many things in my house I can't just finish one room and move on..I jump around so nothing is ever finished..I think there is a name for that but we won't go there!
Ok..some new earrings I am so excited about!
I love them so much because they are so me.. exactly I would wear!
Also I love the simple design..they are perfect for me to make with the limited time I have these days.
And Carter like to hold the hammer when I'm not using it..and looks at his crazy mama as she pounds away on the keeps him occupied for awhile so its a win win situation for all of us!
I will be making more of these..if you like them but would like a particular color or Bead style ..just contact me thru my Etsy page and I will do my best come up with a one of a kind for you!

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Jewllori by Lori said...

*jealousy* LOVE LOVE LOVE your new room, so jealous! I hope one day to have one of those too!!